Who are we?

Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS is the national hub for realization of equal opportunities for both women and men in science and research in Germany. CEWS serves as a think tank for this political field, offering impetus for new ideas, initiating processes of change in support of science as well as actively creating and engaging the necessary transfer processes between science and politics. More...


Dr. Anke Lipinsky

email: anke.lipinsky(at)gesis(dot)org

phone: 0049-221-47694-259 


CEWS places a high priority on international networking in our field and we are always interested in new collaborations and joint projects in the field of gender equality in science and research. Please contact us directly here at CEWS for further information concerning our services, our areas of focus and products,  to inquire about project partnerships or to benefit from our expertise in the fields of gender equality and women in science.

Please contact Anke Lipinsky.

We've changed the Department, but we stay in Cologne!


Since October 2014 CEWS is part of GESIS Department "Monitoring Society and Social Change" in Mannheim, Head is Prof. Dr. Christof Wolf


New publication on Gender Equality Policies in public research

Gender equality policies in public research

Based on a survey among Members of the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation, 2013 (Author: Dr. Anke Lipinsky, CEWS)

Gender issues in research and innovation have gained increased recognition on policy agendas at national, European and international levels, as well as at the level of research organisations. This report on “Gender Equality Policies in Public Research” is based on a survey among the members of the Helsinki Group, the Commission’s advisory group on gender, research and innovation. It gives a detailed analysis of the current state-of-play of EU Member States’ and associated countries’ initiatives for promoting gender equality in research and innovation. It comes at a critical review point along the path towards a fully operational European Research Area (ERA) and provides a timely insight for the forthcoming ERA Progress Report 2014


Read more about CEWS' current international projects:

GenPORT - An Internet Portal for Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Collaborative Action on Gender and Science

INTEGER - Institutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research

Four new research projects at CEWS

Since the beginning of the year, CEWS is working on four new projects. All projects deal with different aspects of gender equality in science.

There is an evaluation study on equal opportunity of men and women in the national health research program, one project is exploring the change of gender equality structures in higher education and another project will set up an online information and consulation service about balancing family and science. These three projects are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The fourth project is funded by the 7th EU framework programme: INTEGER is focussing on INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research.Detailed information about all projects will follow soon.