The European Commission's Eurobarometer - Access to microdata and documentation

  Monitoring the public opinion in the European Union is the mission of the Eurobarometer programme, consisting of four survey series (instruments): the Standard and Special Eurobarometer, the Flash Eurobarometer, and in addition the Central & Eastern and Candidate Countries Eurobarometer. The surveys are conducted on behalf of the European Commission and the responsible Directorate-General(s) as the principal investigator(s). The history of the Eurobarometer and its hybrid design between politics and Social Sciences is outlined and debatted in many publications. The survey results are regularly published in official reports by the European Commission's Eurobarometer unit. The surveys are realized by approved survey research institutes.




Eurobarometer (EB) primary data on micro data level and the related documentation are placed at the disposal of the scientific community by the European Commission for research and training since the 1970s. They are curated at the GESIS data archive department (formerly Central Archive for Empirical Social Research) and at the ICPSR. They are made available worldwide for re-use in statistical analysis, i.a. in the context of the European social science data archive network (CESSDA).

Access to the microdata is provided through the GESIS data  catalogue (DBK download). In addition the Standard and Special Eurobarometer, the Candidate Countries and Eastern Eurobarometer are available through the GESIS ZACAT data portal, including question or variable retrieval, tabulations and basic data analyses. These online data services are free of charge.