Temporary Embargo Provisions

From the very beginning in the 1970ies the European Commission has been granting free access to Eurobarometer individual level data for secondary analysis in social science research and training. 

All primary data are made available through the social science data archive(s), once they are deposited, have passed the archive workflow and their release is confirmed.

By general rule, the standard module data and demographics are released whenever the full official Standard Report is published on the European Commission's Eurobarometer website. The data on special topics are released after the publication of the related full official Special Report. At latest and irrespective of the report publication, the data are expected to be released two years after fieldwork.

At present the following questions are temporarily under embargo. The corresponding variables are dropped from the datasets as distributed by the archive at any one time.

ZA5000 - Eurobarometer 73.1  (January-February 2010)

  • D2 Party attachment

Expeted date of expiry: indeterminate (NOT PART OF THE EUROBAROMETER)

ZA5686 - Eurobarometer 78.2  (November-December 2012)

  • QP1 to QP14 European Parliament Eurobarometer ("Parlemeter 2012")

Expected date of expiry: January 2015 (DATA NOT YET AVAILABLE)

ZA____ - Eurobarometer 79.5  (June 2013)

  • Not yet available

Expected date of expiry: July 2015 (DATA NOT YET AVAILABLE)