GESIS Research Methods Training Events

GESIS offers a wide range of events, especially training courses in social research methods. They aim to develop participants’ applied research methods skills in depth and in breadth covering the whole survey life cycle. They emphasize advanced knowledge and practice-oriented skills in the area of social research methods for researchers in and outside of academia in Germany and Europe (and beyond).

GESIS Summer School

In August 2012, GESIS offered the 1st Summer School in Survey Methodology, to take place annually in Cologne. The Summer School will be conducted in English and aims to complement the curricula of other Summer Schools in the Social Sciences offered throughout Europe by focusing on methods relevant for data collection. The GESIS Summer School mainly targets PhD students and young researchers in all fields using survey research methods.

GESIS Spring Seminar

The GESIS Spring Seminar (formerly ZA Spring Seminar) has been taking place in Cologne annually for more than 40 years. It offers three consecutive one-week courses in advanced methods of quantitative data analysis for Social Scientists. There is also a preparatory course in Mathematics for Social Scientists. Language of instruction in those two courses is also English.

GESIS Methodenseminar

The GESIS Methodenseminar (formerly: ZHSF Autumn Seminar) is conducted in German and annually conveys basic knowledge and skills in quantitative data analysis since 1980. It has a modular structure and follows an interdisciplinary approach, with a special focus on historical social research.

GESIS Workshops

GESIS Workshops are short courses of one to three days in a large variety of Social Science research methods, ranging from qualitative interviews via questionnaire construction, sampling procedures and introduction to specific survey programmes to data analysis. Most Workshops are conducted in German, but some are offered in English.


In addition, GESIS organizes conferences on issues relating to the Social and Information Sciences. These especially include user conferences focussing on specific data sources and allowing an exchange of experiences and ideas amongst Social Science researchers using those data.


Finally, there are colloquia taking place on a regular basis at the different GESIS branches.

Events archive

The events archive holds details and materials from past GESIS events.