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mda Special Issue „Data Collection in Panel Surveys“ released

Newest mda (2017)11 released

Methods, data, analyses 11 (2017) 1  
Special Issue –Josef Brüderl & Mark Trappmann (Eds.): Data Collection in Panel Surveys.

During the course of the last decades, panel surveys have gained an increasing importance in the social science infrastructure worldwide. However, panel surveys are complex endeavours and in addition to the many error sources known in cross sectional surveys, additional problems arise. Thus, panel specific methodological research is currently on a rising trend, but more of this is certainly needed due to the burgeoning number of panel stud­ies. Therefore, this mda special issue on data collection in panel surveys intends to foster this trend by bundling panel methods research papers. The contributions in this issue reflect the broad range of methodological questions that are unique to panel surveys.

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