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Historical Social Research (HSR)

Current Supplement: Politisierte Sozialstruktur

Welcome to the official website of  Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung!

The HSR is an international scientific journal for the application of formal methods in history – it has been published by GESIS since 1976.

The journal is highly acknowledged for its quality and relevance for the scientific community, and is therefore registered by various digital information services. Thus, the journal is, among others, to be found on SocIndex with FULL TEXT, JSTOR, and on the Social Science Citation Index. In 2011, the European Science Foundation has admitted the HSR to the category of “international top-journal (INT1 Sub-Category)”.


"Formalization means a variety of procedures that match descriptions of events, structures, and processes with explicit models of those events, structures, and processes. Formal methods do not necessarily involve quantification or computing; analyses of linguistic, spatial, or temporal structure, for example, often proceed quite formally without computers and without any direct intervention of mathematics."

(Charles Tilly, 1929-2008)