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Open: Research opportunities for individual research visits with own funding

The EUROLAB at the GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne (formerly Central Archive for Empirical Social Research at the University of Cologne - ZA) is a European Data Laboratory for Comparative Social Research established in 1996 by Dr. h.c. Ekkehard Mochmann as access facility to the data in the archive holdings from all fields of empirical social research.
It was first supported by the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) – Large Scale Facility (LSF) programme and thereafter to support researchers who were given access within the Improving Human Potential (IHP) - Access to Research Infrastructures (ARI) programme of the European Community. From 2006 until 2010
research visits at the EUROLAB were supported by the 6th Framework Programme „Structuring the European Research Area – Research Infrastructures Action“of the EC.

Since its establishment more than 350 researchers from over thirty countries all over the world have worked at the EUROLAB for about 6.000 days altogether. Research projects were carried out in all areas of the social sciences – a detailed overview can be found here. So far more than 100 books, articles and conference papers have been published on the basis of research at the EUROLAB. It has received positive evaluations both at national and European level and is recognized as an important research infrastructure to support high level comparative research.

From January 1st in 2011 the EUROLAB offers support for individual researchers and research groups who want to work at the EUROLAB in Cologne, e.g. during sabbaticals or research fellowships, or within specific research projects. Successful candidates will have:

  • access to the more than 5.000 data sets and data collections at GESIS
  • technical and research support
  • individual working place with PC including a comprehensive program library for statistical analyses with most recent software releases.
  • access to related publications based on these data bases via information systems in the GESIS Library with about 20.000 volumes and more than 140 continuously held national and international social science journals

Furthermore, visitors can access facilities at the University of Cologne such as libraries, the university restaurant (Mensa) and shopping facilities.

  • Further information regarding the application procedure and possibilities for financial support can be found here.