Jessica Wengrzik

Jessica Wengrzik

Department Survey Design and Methodology
Team Survey Operations

L13 9

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Jessica has currently a PhD student position at SDM. She finished her Master’s degree in 2015 at the University of Mannheim. During her studies she had a strong focus on survey methodology, survey statistics and Big Data. She wrote her master thesis “Motivated Underreporting and response propensity: Do reluctant respondent more motivated underreporting?” with Frauke Kreuter and Stephanie Eckman. For this thesis she won the GOR thesis award, the student paper award from the American Statistical association SRM section in 2016 as well as the student travel award from the American Association for Public Opinion Research.


Research Interests:

Meta-Analysis in Survey Methodology, Interviewer-Effects, Panel Conditioning, Response Propensity Estimation with Machine Learning Techniques and Linkage to Data Quality, Usage of Big Data.  

Working and discussion paper

Wengrzik, Jessica, Henning Silber, Michael Bosnjak, Anouk Zabal, and Silke Martin. 2017. A General Interviewer Training Curriculum for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (GIT-CAPI). Survey Guidelines . Mannheim: GESIS. doi:

Conference contribution

Gauly, Britta, Jessica Wengrzik, and Beatrice Rammstedt. 2017. "Income Misreporting and Cognitive Skills: Comparing Measures from Survey and Administrative Data." International Total Survey Error Workshop, IAB Nürnberg, 14.06.2017.

Wengrzik, Jessica, and Michael Bosnjak. 2017. "What renders survey interview training successful? : A meta-analysis." AAPOR 2017, New Orleans, USA, 17.05.2017. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, Katja Hanke, Ronald Fischer, and Michael Bosnjak. 2017. "Where do web surveys work? : A multilevel meta - analytical approach to determine country - level impact on response modes ." 2017 CSDI Workshop, Mannheim, 16.03.2017. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, Stephanie Eckman, and Ruben Bach. 2016. "Are Reluctant Respondents Worse Reporters?: Motivated Underreporting and Response Propensity." 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), GSS/SSS/SRMS Student Paper Award Presentations, Chicago, 30.07.2016. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, Michael Bosnjak, and Katja Lozar Manfreda. 2016. "Are Web Surveys Still Inferior?: – An Updated and Extended Meta-Analysis Comparing Response Rates." RC 33, 8th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33), Leicester, 11.09.2016. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica. 2016. "Motivated Underreporting and Response Propensity: Do persons likely to respond give better answers to filter questions? ." General Online Research Conference (GOR 2016), Thesis Award Competition, Dresden, 03.03.2016. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, Michael Bosnjak, and Katja Lozar Manfreda. 2016. "Web Surveys versus Other Survey Modes : – An Meta-Analysis Comparing Response Rates." AAPOR 71st Annual Conference , Austin, TX, 12.05.2016. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, Michael Bosnjak, and Katja Lozar Manfreda. 2016. "Web Surveys versus Other Survey Modes – A Meta-Analysis Comparing Response Rates." General Online Research Conference (GOR 2016), Dresden, 02.03.2016. doi:

Wengrzik, Jessica, and Gabriele Theuner. 2013. "Poster on Research Design as an Influencing Factor for Reliability in Online Market Research." General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2013, Mannheim, 04.03.2013.

Contribution not at conference

Wengrzik, Jessica. 2016. "Bewusstes Underreporting und Teilnahmewahrscheinlichkeit in Online Studien: - Der Zusammenhang von Antwortwahrscheinlichkeit und Antwortqualität." Questback Usere Summit 2016, Köln, 08.06.2016. doi: