GESIS Mission Statement

GESIS is a social science infrastructure institution serving to promote scientific research in this field. Our institution stands for independence, reliability, quality and competence in social science. We are a member of the Leibniz Association, an alliance of research and infrastructure institutions bound by the principle "theoria cum praxi - To use science for the good of the people".

1. Principles

  • Our goal is to be the most significant and one of the leading infrastructure institutions worldwide for the Social Sciences. Thus, we focus our strengths closely in line with the thematic and structural developments in social science. 
  • We enable our users to quickly adapt to changing methods and techniques while also upgrading the quality of research.
  • GESIS offers are always at the forefront through our own research in the areas of survey methodology, attitudes and behavior and structural research as well as applied computer science.
  • Working together with universities and other partners enables us to maintain close contact with social science researchers.
  • There is open cooperation at GESIS amongst the staff, the president, committees, and the Leibniz Association in achieving our goals.

2. Offering

  • Services offered by GESIS can be categorized from the users’ perspective according to the research data cycle.
  • This cycle comprises data and information research, study planning, including empirical research data collection and storage, preparation, archiving and retrieval of research data, on up through the analysis and publication phases.
  • Knowledge transfer is accomplished alongside research at all phases and GESIS supports its users through its own or joint research projects.
  • We are engaged in promoting stronger networking of German research infrastructure with institutions in Europe and worldwide.
  • We are constantly improving our offers and services through intensive research and development in our own and in third-party funded research projects.
  • GESIS’ users profit directly from our ability to combine sound knowledge and competence in social science with applied computer sciences in our offers.

3. User

  • We conceive of ourselves as part of the global social science research community.
  • Our offer is directed primarily at researchers in empirical social research with a focus on the areas of sociology and political science as well as social science in its entirety.
  • Other target groups include those working in related political, social and commercial social science environments.
  • We know that the key to success lies in being in tune with the wishes of our users and thus intensively strive to include our users through our committees in designing our offers and services.

4. GESIS Staff

  • We know that our long-term success is built on everyone involved in all departments at GESIS fulfilling their duties with total commitment, high motivation and enthusiasm.
  • In this spirit GESIS offers an open ear to all staff for any concerns they may have; opportunities for training and further education to enable better solving of existing tasks or taking on new assignments; support in obtaining a PhD, postdoc qualification and scientific work in general, for improved participation in current research; the compatibility of career and family.
  • Equal opportunities for both women and men is a very important aim GESIS pursues. Another important concern in GESIS is the reconciliation of work and family life.
  • Cooperation across all our various departments ensures that GESIS offers its staff a creative and interdisciplinary working environment.