International Social Survey Programme

Search Facility

There are two options for searching the ISSP holdings:

  • The Question Text Retrieval to search for one word or phrases in ISSP-Codebooks, Basic Questionnaires and Method Reports

  • ZACAT, that provides simple as well as detailed search facilities over all questions and variables of the ISSP series [see a step-by-step guide using Eurobarometer as example (612 KB)]

Data Access

Terms and conditions

Data and documentation of ISSP studies are customized according to the regulations on usage and charges of the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences.

  • DBK as the GESIS data catalogue provides complete ISSP data and documentation materials, including GESIS Data Archive standard codebooks, base/standard questionnaires (in English), and country specific questionnaires as printable PDF files. Downloads are available free of charge after registration.
  • ZACAT as the GESIS online data portal also provides ISSP data and documentation holdings. Beyond this, ZACAT includes the latest dataset documentation and enables users to perform basic online analyses. Access to ZACAT is free of charge, analysis and download requires registration. For information on the use of ZACAT, see user guide; for data download use the diskette icon in the bar on top of the page, please.
  • Note: Only register once for using DBK and/ or ZACAT.

Bibliographic citation of ISSP research data