CD ROM plus "Watching TV in the GDR 1984: Data and Documentation of the sociological TV Research"

On this CD you can find selected studies of the sociological research of the State Committee for Television at the Council of Ministers of the GDR carried out in 1984. The research team has been conducting surveys on the reception of the TV program since 1965. In 1990 the TV station of the former GDR was closed down and the research ended.

In cooperation with the Deutschen Rundfunkarchiv (dra) Potsdam GESIS Data Archive rescued 466 studies generated in the years 1982-1990 and included them in its holdings. The data bank on hand comprises exemplary the weekly surveys on the TV reception (so called “Sofortresonanzen”) in 1984. The data are processed and documented according to the GESIS-ZA standards and now available for secondary analysis. The studies conducted in 1982, 1983 as well as in 1985 to 1990 are under preparation.

The data sets are the result of representative surveys of the GDR population. The face-to-face interviews comprise questions on the reception and evaluation of 100 selected TV shows (1. and 2. cannel) broadcasted three to five days before the interview. These questions were completed by a more comprehensive set of additional questions about the content of special shows and habits of watching TV as well as attitudes towards TV in general. In the end of the questionnaire there are demographic variables.

The data sets on the CD are presented by using the data browser CodebookExplorer. It enables the browsing within the study and variable lists. Additionally the questionnaires and the study descriptions are incorporated in the system. You can find them in the respective directories on the CD as well.

The following information are available on the C

  • Meta data on study and question level (study view of the CodebookExplorer )
  • Structure of the variables that are replicated (trend view of the CodebookExplorer) 
  • Questionnaires (pdf-documents) and study descriptions (text files)
  • Data analysis tool (frequencies, cross tabulations, comparison of variables)
  • Data for secondary analysis (SPSS-files)
  • Codebooks (pdf-documents)

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The documents of the research group (Questionnaire, survey results, and reports) are available onlina via the web page of the DRA: Documents in the DRA