Related Offers

Project consultation

GESIS offers project consultation, whose goal is to achieve the highest possible data quality within the given project-specific restrictions.

For more information please visit GESIS Projektberatung.

Pretest and survey consultation

Researchers may wish to use the services of the GESIS Pretest Lab prior to submitting their proposals/questionnaires. The GESIS Pretest Lab supports researchers in optimizing their survey questions prior to data collection to ensure high quality of the data obtained by the survey.

Further information can be found at GESIS Pretestlabor.

GESIS survey consultation staff is available to consult with you on developing your questionnaire, specifically in the areas of question formulation and order, designing answer scales, as well as the layout of your questionnaire.

For more information please visit GESIS Beratung zur Datenerhebung.


GESIS offers translatability assessment and translation of the proposed items from English into German. In a first step, GESIS researchers will analyze the source questionnaire with a view to spot potential problems for translation or cultural applicability. These will be discussed with the researcher(s).  The translation itself will follow best practice translation procedures, including double translation, team reconciliation, and documentation. GESIS researchers, specialized in questionnaire translation, and external translators specifially briefed for the task will carry out the translation and, in case of uncertainties, will re-contact the researchers.

Further information can be obtained from: Dorothée Behr.