GESIS lecture series

Ingvill Mochmann & Klaus Pforr

GESIS lectures (formaly GESIS Colloquium) are expert presentations with subsequent discussion. Participation is also possible via internet.

This comprises also the GESIS Computational Social Science (CSS) Seminar. The GESIS Computational Social Science (CSS) Seminar is an English monthly event for expert exchange on data science and social analytics. 

Upcoming events

  • Elisabeth Liebau "IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees in Germany" (in German), 07.03.2017, 1:45 pm, GESIS Mannheim (B2,8 left)
  • Tobias Stark "Collecting Data of Whole and Ego-Centered Networks", 08.03.2017, 1 pm, GESIS Mannheim (B2,8 right)
  • Christian Hunkler "Lost Potentials: The Rights and Lives of the Excluded", 04.04.2017, 1:45 pm, GESIS Mannheim (B2,1)
  • Jon Krosnick "Are Elections in America Unfair?  Exploring the Impact of Candidate Name Order", 30.3.2017, 3:00pm, GESIS event co-organized with MZES, Mannheim MZES, A5,6 (Room A231)

Alerts on upcoming events can be received on this email list:


Participation is also possible via internet

Please use your first and surname to register online. Those presently in Mannheim/Cologne are encouraged to attend - if possible - in person. This is more motivating for the presenters and it is easier to ask questions. You can also ask questions in the online chat though. Although we test the setup in advance and most transmissions work flawlessly, the connection with some participants may be unsatisfactory. If there are technical problems, you may find a solution here


You can find past events in our archive. For some past events, you can find video recording at the GESIS youtube channel.