Phase 1: Research

Are you searching for data, relevant literature and more in-depth information for your research topic? Our databases and portals are there to support and assist your research with free access to this content.

The first step in any research project is to search information on the current status of research, on related topics, on similar research projects and the institutions involved

We offer only proven, highest quality, interlinked information.


Services to search data

Data catalogue:Search in over 5000 studies from the GESIS Data Archive
ZACAT OnlineStudy catalogue:Selected online studies with extensive search function at the study and variables levels, easy and straightforward access to data, documentation and related materials
histat:Search and download historical studies and time series
Microdata information system MISSY:

Comprehensive metadata on German and European official statistics microdata (tools, social science and official classification, concepts and definitions, etc.)

Data registration agency da|ra:

Comprehensive data referencing system for empirical social science research data which describes existing data bases and offers references to data sources

Services to search literature and projects

sowiport: Brings together and links information on literature, research projects, research data, institutions and events in a portal specifically designed for social science
SSOAR:Open Access Repository for publishing and downloading of fulltexts
SOFISwiki: Database with descriptions of social science projects in German-speaking countries

Searching tools

Thesaurus for the Social Sciences  (TheSoz): Crucial instrument for the content-oriented search by keywords in sowiport with more than 8,000 are descriptors (authorised keywords) and about 4,000 non-descriptors.
European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST):The ELSST serves the improvement of data access across disciplines and language borders and is already used for data search in the CESSDA catalog .
Classification Social Sciences: Classification and retrieval of literature and research projects with 14 main categories and a total of 145 sub-classes
CESSDA Topic Classification:

Common Catalogue of the European Data Archives network CESSDA ( Council of European Social Science Data Archives) for the classification and retrieval of study descriptions.

Data archive Classification Scheme („ZA-Klassifikation“):For the classification and retrieval of study descriptions in the data Catalogue GESIS uses the main classes of the scheme. 
List of methodologies for literature and projects:Indexing and retrieval of the methodology of literature and research projects with 40 descriptors , 100 Synonym references