Phase 2: Study planning

Are you planning a survey? We offer consulting and comprehensive service.

GESIS provides experts to advise you during all types of data collection and further assist you in developing just the right project design, ensuring excellent data quality by taking advantage of all state-of-the-art survey research methods currently available for conducting your study.

  • Project consulting: Support over the course of the entire project or for just specific aspects (survey instruments, data collection, international and inter-cultural comparative studies)
  • Sampling: Consultation and development of sample design
  • Online surveys:Consultation on individual questions and complete online projects, for example, determining the sample, changing over from a different survey method to online surveys or a mixed/multi-mode approach, etc.
  • ZIS/EHES - Electronic item handbooks: Comprehensive documentation of survey instruments for attitudes and behaviors as utilized in the social sciences
  • Standard demography and Regional standards: Instruments for standardizing socio-structural survey characteristics regional context in surveys for greater comparability  
  • Data Management Plans: Information and tools on how to draft a Data Management Plan required by your funder, and how to implemented throughout all phases of your project.