Our services are available to all scholars associated with universities and research institutes both within Germany and outside. All direct inquiries, which may be addressed to us either by telephone or in writing, will be answered as soon as possible or, alternatively, you will be invited in person for a consultation. Two criteria will determine the priority of the inquiry: First, the type of funding and second, the organization funding the project. Higher priority is given to research projects which are approved by independent research-supporting institutions, such as the German Research Foundation or the Volkswagenwerk Foundation, or which are funded by institutions of higher education. Next follow in decreasing order public research institutes and federal and Länder agencies, miscellaneous public commissioners, private non-profit institutions, and finally research projects from commercial institutes, as long as the inquiry is of interest to the research community in general and the results can be made available to them. Capacities do not allow consultations for students and doctoral candidates other than in exceptional cases.


Consultations with members of the GESIS staff are usually free of charge. Project-related costs, such as, for instance, fees for pretesting and coding are charged to your account. A fee also applies to the administration of surveys for external clients.

For further questions please contact us.