Social Indicators Research Centre (ZSi)

Social Indicators Research Centre (ZSi)

The activities of the Social Indicators Research Centre are focused on monitoring well-being and general social change, covering the following fields of research: Social Indicators Research and Social Reporting, Research on Well-Being and Quality of Life Measurement, Social Inequality and Comparative Cross-National Studies on Well-Being and Trends of Social Change.

Using the instruments of social indicators research the centre continuously monitors and analyses changes in individual and societal well-being (living conditions, subjective well-being, social cohesion and sustainability) as well as structural and attitudinal social change. The monitoring, reporting and research activities are mainly focused at Germany in a European perspective.

Among the most important products and services of the ZSi are the German System of Social Indicators and the European System of Social Indicators, the Social Indicators Monitor - SIMon allowing comfortable access to the data from both indicator systems, as well as the biannually published Social Indicators Information Service (ISI).

Since the beginning of 2012 the ZSi is one of the partners of the „European Framework for Measuring Progress – e-Frame“, which is funded under the 7th European Framework Programme.

For more information on the centre's products and services please see the more detailed overview.

Recent Information

Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren, Issue 52 (1.5 MB), has been released.(07/31/2014)
The 9th “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”-Conference took place from June 23 to 25, 2014 at the Villa Vigoni. The event addressed the theme “The Quality of Society and Individual Quality of Life - How do they relate?”. The program and presentations of the 2014 conference as well as information on the whole series of “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”-Conferences is available at this site.(07/18/2014)
European System of Social Indicators: Indicators of the life-domain Social Security are online now. Access to the data is available through the Social Indicators Monitor - SIMon. (04/22/2014)
The new ZSi web portal "Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe" is online.(03/27/2014)
Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren, Issue 51 (996 KB), has been released.(03/11/2014)
ISI Special Issue "25 Years" has been released: Download (4.6 MB) and Contents.(12/19/2013)
Information Service Social Indicators – ISI: The 50th edition (August 2013) (897 KB) is just off the press – in a new look and in colours! Since 25 years ISI reports on well-being and quality of life in Germany and Europe. For the first time ISI No. 50 covers an article in English language.(08/15/2013)

A mid-term conference of the ISA Research Committee 55 “Social Indicators” took place from September 12-13, 2013 in The Hague (Netherlands), hosted by The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP). The conference addressed the theme “Long-term Trends in Quality of Life”. For more information and the conference presentations see the conference website.

The 8th “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe” – Conference took place from March 13 to 15 2013 at the Villa Vigoni. The event served at the same time as a Workshop within the FP7-Project e-Frame (86 KB) and addressed the theme “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe – The State of the Art and Future Perspectives”. The program and presentations of the 2013 conference as well as information on the whole series of “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”-Conferences is available at this site.(03/21/2013)
Update European Social Reporting Network News(03/08/2013)
The FP 7 - Project „European Framework for Measuring Progress” (e-Frame) is funded by the European Commission for a duration of 30 months. As one of the project partners the GESIS Social Indicators Research Center (ZSi) is in charge of the work package „Social Monitoring and Reporting“. More information and news are available at this site.(10/18/2012)
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Information about previous events can be found in the Conference Archive.