Flash Eurobarometer




The ad-hoc and focus group surveys

The small scale Flash Eurobarometer have been launched by the European Commission in the late eighties, turning out a Monthly Monitor between in 1994 and 1995. In continuation a weekly European Continuous Tracking Survey (CTS) was carried out from 1996 to 1998, without access to primary data.   

The Flash surveys are conducted in all EU member states at times, occasionally reducing or enlarging the scope of countries as a function of specific topics. Interviews are conducted by phone in the respective national language and in the 1990s the sample size is regularly reduced to 500 respondents per country.

The Flash surveys include serials on special topics (Common Currency, EU Enlargement, Information Society, Entrepreneurship ... ) and special target group polls with emphasis on managers and enterprise related EU topics.

  • The survey results are regularly published by the European Commission in official reports and through the EU Open Data Portal.





The archive products

Flash Eurobarometer primary data are distributed through the archives for Social Science research purposes, after standard inspection procedures and if released by the Commission.
  • A thematical study overview lists all Flash Eurobarometer which are available at the archive.
  • Access to primary data and related documentation is provided online through our data catalogue DBK download functionality.
  • Each datset (version) is persistently identified and registered with a unique digital object identifier (doi). The corresponding URL ( will always lead you  to the dataset location in the GESIS data catalogue.