Hier finden Sie Listen vergangener Projekte, die von Gastwissenschaftlern/innen während ihres Aufenthalts im EUROLAB durchgeführt worden sind.


ZeitraumGastwissenschaftler/inProjekttitelEinladung durch / Hauptfinanzierung
Norman Mukasa (Bugema University and Muteesa I Royal University, Uganda)”Enhancing Research and Research Capacities in Uganda Through Investing in Research Infrastructure” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABGESIS Grant
Jeffrey Mitchell (Umeå University, Sweden)"Longitudinal Region-Level Context and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Adolescence" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Ilona Wysmulek (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)"Measurement comparability in survey research (collaboration with Ms. Menold); Harmonization of education variables (collaboration with Ms.Ortmanns; Ms. Schneider)" - Kontaktperson: Natalja MenoldGESIS Grant
Luke Sloan (School of Social Sciences Cardiff University)"Questions of Integrating Digital Trace Data with Data from Social Sicence Surveys" - Kontaktperson: Pascal SiegersDAS
Andrew Guess (Princeton University)"Web Tracking Data"- Kontaktperson: Pascal SiegersDAS
Limor Peer (Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), Yale University, USA)"X-Hub - Making Social Science More Reproducible" -
Kontaktperson: Claudia Biniossek
External Funding / DFG
Bella Struminskaya (Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands)"Panel conditioning in web surveys" -
Kontaktperson: Henning Silber
Sonila Dardha (City University London, UK)"A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Gender-of-Interviewer Effects on Survey Data" - Kontaktperson: Bernd WeissGESIS Grant
Zsófia Ignácz (Freie Universtität Berlin, Germany)"The Values of Religious Believers, Non-Believers, and Atheists: Exploring the Linkage between Religious Orientations and Value Priorities" - Kontaktperson: Clemens LechnerGESIS Grant
Uta Liebeskind (Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung GmbH, Hannover, Germany)"Erfolgsbias in Datenbeständen der empirischen Bildungsforschung?" "Eine Analyse auf Basis der NEPS-Daten"-
Kontaktperson: Klaus Pforr
Brad Edwards (Vizepräsident Field Services,Westat, Rockville, USA)

" research on field management and survey operations in general "

Kontaktperson: Beatrice Rammstedt

Seung Eunah Cha (The University of Suwon, South Korea)"Children’s impact on Mothers’ and Fathers’ diurnal activity structure: Does life get easier when children grow up?" - Kontaktperson: Georgios PapastefanouExternal Funding


Tenko Raykov (Michigan State University, USA)"Research within the framework of the optimal development and testing of pschometric scales" - Kontaktperson: Natalja MenoldPresident / SDM
Melissa Lucia Lopez Reyes (De La Salle University, Philippines)"Receptiveness towards Social Inclusion and Social Change vis-à-vis Sense of National Identity and Citizenship: The Case of Emerging Adults in 2003/2004 and 2013/2014" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Adeline Otto (KU Leuven, Belgium)"Benefit generosity and segment mobility in European labour markets" - Kontaktperson: Heike WirthGESIS Grant
Seyed Morteza Khani Hoolari (University of Mazandaran, Iran)"Natural Budget Deficit and Natural Political Cyclicality" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal Funding
Birthe Hemeier (Vorderasiatisches Museum; Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz)"ILLICID"- Kontaktperson: Steffen PötzschkeExternal Funding
Bharat Chandra Rout (University of Missouri, USA)"Education and Welfare State in South Asia: Investigating the processes of Decommodification and Stratification" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Marciej Bereswicz (Poznan University, Poland)

"Biased social media data to predict official statistics" -
Kontaktperson: Claudia Wagner

Stefan Müller (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)"Expectation of Coalition Formation in Multi-Party Settings: When Do Voters Get It Right?" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Vivek Singh (Banaras Hindu University, India)"ScientoText" - Kontaktperson: Philipp Mayr-SchlegelExternal Funding / DAAD


Don Dillman (Washington State University, USA)

"Research on development and testing of web-push survey methods" - Kontaktperson: David Bretschi

President / SDM
Sergio Martini (Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, Spain)"The determinants of far-right and populist parties" -
Kontaktperson: Pablo Christmann
Shawn Walker (Arizona State University, USA)"The Collection, Preservation, and Reproducibility of Social Media Datasets" - Kontaktperson: Katrin Weller, Katharina Kinder-KurlandaGESIS Grant
Marc Bertin (Université Claude Bernard Lyon, France)"Extracting and annotating in-Text References" - Kontaktperson: Philipp Mayr-SchlegelGESIS Grant
Sebastian Popa (University of Newcastle, England)

„The interaction of political trust and political sophistication“ - Kontaktperson: Christian Schnaudt




Stephanie Eckman (RTI Washington, USA)

"MUMS- Motivated Underreporting in Mobile Surveys ; RPDQ - Can Response Propensities Predict Local and Global Data Quality" - Kontaktperson: Jessica Daikeler

President / SDM
Ireneusz Sadowski (Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw, Poland)"The transformation saga: social change in the intergenerational perspective" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Robert Jäschke (Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany)"Project development, consultation and consultation on issues and topics such as web, archiving, web archive analysis and big data" - Kontaktperson: Stefan DietzeWTS
Kostas Gemenis (University of Twente, The Netherlands)"Comparing Supply and Demand Side Attitudes on Environmental Issues" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Dan Smith (Colectica, Minneapolis, USA)"Instructor workshop DDI-Train-the Trainer"-
Kontaktperson: Joachim Wackerow
Wendy Thomas (University of Minnesota, USA)"Instructor workshop DDI-Train-the Trainer"-
Kontaktperson: Joachim Wackerow
Jon Johnson (University of Essex,United Kingdom)"Instructor workshop DDI-Train-the Trainer"-
Kontaktperson: Joachim Wackerow
Elizaveta Sivak (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russland)"School Life" - Kontaktperson: Claudia WagnerCSS


Joseph Sakshaug
(Institut für Arbeitsmarkt-und Berufsforschung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Nürnberg, Germany)
"Research on Probability and Nonprobability Samples"- Kontaktperson: Bernd WeißSDM
Stephen Reder (Portland State University)"Stability and Change in Adult Competencies (SCACOM)" - Kontaktperson: Britta GaulySDM
Ian McAllister (The Australian National University, Australien)"Exchange ideas with other scholars at GESIS and the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems" - Kontaktperson: Stephen Quinlan DBG/CSES
Zsófia Ignácz (Freie Universtität Berlin, Germany)"Religion and Values: A Latent-Class Approach to Cross-National Comparisons" - Kontaktperson: Clemens LechnerGESIS Grant
Elena Cristina Mitrea (Central European University Budapest, Romania)"The political effects of economic insecurity: a comparative analysis of intergenerational attitudinal congruence across Europe" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Daniel Devine (University of Southampton, UK)"The Effect of European Integration on Political Support" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Evangelia Kartsounidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)"Survey Experience and Response Quality" - Kontaktperson: Henning SilberGESIS Grant
Maria Montanari (University of Milan, Italy)"Varieties of Occupational Outcomes of Eastern EU Migrants across Western Europe" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Vassiliki Triga (Cyprus University of Technology, Lemesos, Cyprus)

"Mapping collective action in Greece in a time of crisis" - Kontaktperson: Alexia Katsanidou


Fernando Mendez (Centre for Democracy Research Aarau, University of Zurich, Switzerland)"Using VAA-generated data to map political dimensionality in the European Union" - Kontaktperson: Vera LomazziDAS
Angelica Maineri (Tilburg University, Netherlands)"Studying the priming effect of family norms on gender roles’ attitudes: an experimental design" - Kontaktperson: Alexia KatsanidouExternal Funding / ECSR


Tenko Raykov (University of Michigan, USA)

"research on the optimal development and testing of measurement instruments" - Kontaktperson:Natalja Menold

Mark Franklin (European University Institute Florence, Italy and Trinity College Connecticut, USA)"Monitoring Electoral Democracy (MEDem)" - Kontaktpersonen: Alexia Katsanidou, Markus QuandtDAS
Eric Guntermann (University of California, Berkeley, USA)"Coalitions and policy preferences: do citizens adjust their positions to government coalitions?" - Kontaktperson: Stephen Quinlan GESIS Grant
Mathieu Génois (Centre de Physique Théorique, France)"SocioPatterns" - Kontaktperson: Johann SchaibleCSS


Ashley Pullman (University of Ottawa, Canada)

"Research on earnings instability and mobility in Germany and Canada" - Kontaktperson: Britta Gauly



TimeVisiting ResearcherResearch TopicInvited by / Funding
Nataliya Reshetova (Universidad de Deusto)”The Support for the Democratic Values in Ukraine since its Independence till nowadays” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABDAAD-Leibniz
Antonio F. Alaminos Chica (Alicante University)”The West-East Divide in Europe. Exploring Social Change and the Political Expectations of European Societies.” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal Funding
Antonio F. Alaminos Fernández (Alicante University)”Symbols of the European Identity.” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal Funding
Tobias H. Stark (ERCOMER Universität Utrecht)”Research on ego-centered social networks an on the replication of experimental results on a national and cross-national level.” - Kontaktperson: Henning SilberSDM
Jon Krosnick (Universität Stanford)”Be engaged in research on the replication of experimental results on a national and cross-national level.” - Kontaktperson: Henning SilberPresident / SDM
Philip Habel (University of Glasgow)”Public Support (or Opposition) for Affirmative Action Policies in Brazil” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Nicole Kapelle (Universität zu Köln)”The Gendered Association between Union Dissolution and Savings” - Kontaktperson: EUROLAB External Funding
Paloma Alaminos (Alicante University)”Punitive Punishment and its Relationship with Populist Movements and Attitudes toward Foreign Refugees.” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal funding
Douglas Gibler (University of Alabama)”The Lingering Effects of State Development” - Kontaktperson: EUROLAB EUROLAB Grant
Tenko Raykov (Universität Michigan)”Research within the framework of the optimal development and psychometric scales” - Kontaktperson: Natalja MenoldSDM
Gema Garcia Albacete (Carlos III Universität, Spanien)”Project work/research on Political Participation of Immigrant Youth” - Kontaktperson: Oshrat HochmanDBG
Hiu-Tung-Vivian So (University of Southampton)”Cross-National Comparisons on Environmental Behaviours using ISSP Environment” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal funding
Isabella Crespi (University of Macerata)”Gender mainstreaming policies in Europe and Eurobarometer data.” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Trevor Allen (University of California)”Far right strategy and support in the new economic crisis.” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Pia Borlund (Universität Kopenhagen)”Advance common research with our IIR focus group in the area of IIR evaluation” - Kontaktperson: Peter MutschkePresident / WTS
Melanie Kolbe (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)”Transnationalism and Belonging” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Carlos Arcila (University of Salamanca)”Machine learning approaches to predict acceptance of refugees in Germany and Europe” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Brady West (Universität Michigan)”Engaged in meta-analysis on interviewer effects” - Kontaktperson: Jessica WengrzikPresident / SDM
Magda Giurcanu (Charles University in Prague)”The Emergence of New Anti-EU Parties in EP Elections: Strategic Elite Calculations and European Union Debates” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Mike Cheung (Universität Singapur)”Research on meta-analysis together with the GESIS Survey Operations Team” - Kontaktperson: Michael BosnjakSDM
Kirill Zhirkov (University of Michigan)”Growing Diversity and the Future of Social Democracy in Europe: The “Americanization” of European Politics?” - Kontaktperson: EUROLABExternal funding
Seung-Eun Cha (Universität Suwon)”Comparative research on parents ‘time use for child care” - Kontaktperson: Georgios PapastefanouDBG


Martin Okolikj (University College Dublin)"Develop a research grant proposal for submission to the German Resarch Foundation (DFG)" - Kontaktperson: Stephen Quinlan


Gabriel Olaru (Universität Ulm / Pro Exam New York)”Research on ant colony optimization” - Kontaktperson: Daniel DannerSDM


Luyao Xiang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)"Socio-psychological effects of high density urban environment and its interrealationship with stress load and restoration" - Kontaktperson: Dr. Georgios Papastefanou




Seo Young Cho (Phillips University, Marburg)

"Gender differences in Social Capital in the Cyberspace" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant


Ali Carkoglu (Universität Koc, Istanbul)”Exchange ideas with other scholars at GESIS and the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems” - Kontaktperson: Stephen QuinlanDBG
Judit Kalman (Hungarian academy of sciences, Hungary)"Gender differences in subjective well being across european welfare states" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant


Anne Etheridge (University of Essex)"Working on questions of improving discovery services" - Kontaktperson: Alexia KatsanidouDAS


Katherine McNeil (University of Essex)"Working on questions of improving discovery services" - Kontaktperson: Alexia KatsanidouDAS
06.11.2017- 10.11.2017 David Kaplan (Universität Wisconsin)”How social survey research can benefit from Bayesian approaches” - Kontaktperson: Matthias BluemkeSDM
11.11.2017- 19.11.2017 Jon Krosnick (Universität Stanford)”Cross-National Replication of Response Order Experiments.” - Kontaktperson: Henning SilberPresident / SDM


David Fortunato (University of Texas)"Government responsiveness in public spending" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant
Gerard Saucier (University of Oregon)”Participate in the GESIS Symposium/Expert Meeting 2017 “Advances in Scale Development: Issues of Comparability” - Kontaktperson: Matthias BlümkeSDM
Michael Lewis-Beck (Universität Iowa)”Exchange ideas with other scholars at GESIS and the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Secretariat.” - Kontaktperson: Stephen QuinlanDGB
23.11.2017- 04.12.2017 Tenko Raykov (Universität Michigan)”Research within the framework of the optimal development and testing of psychometric scales. Also advise and consult with GESIS staffmembers on questions of validity and reliability assessment and related questions.” - Kontaktperson: Natalja MenoldSDM


Diana Petkova (University of Sofia)"Religiousness and transculturalization of postmodern society" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant


Ivo Bantel (University of Oxford)"Terrorist Threat Perception" - Kontaktperson: EUROLABEUROLAB Grant


TimeVisiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles
13.01. 08.02Julie A. O. BorgeWhy vote? An analysis of Political Education in School and Motivations for political participation
15.02. 11.03.Oskars GruzinsMy father Wore an Occupiers Uniform: Children born of German and Soviet Fathers in World War Two Latvia.
20.02. 28.02.

Vasiliki Georgidou & Anastasia Kafe

Radical Right in Greece during the Crisis
04.04. 29.04.Andrea FilettiSelf-interest or cognitive mastery? Testing the interaction between macro- and micro-factors on immigration attitudes across Europe
03.05. 30.05.Valasia SavvidouThe importance of the immigration issue on voting for the European Parliament elections. A comparative study
08.05. 08.06.Roberto Stefan FoaFrom Religious Extremism to Societal Secularisation 
05.16 05.17Nataliya ReshetovaThe Support for the Democratic Values in Ukraine since its Independence till nowadays
12.06. 09.07.Endre Borbath Is it the Economy, Stupid? Economic Voting in Europe in the Shadow of the Great Recession
15.06. 09.07.Ioannis KonstantinidisElectoral and Policy Appeal of Social Liberal Parties: Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain
15.06. 15.07.Nataliia Kasianenko

Nationalism in Eastern Europe. Individual-level Analysis.

15.06. 15.07.

Kyung-a RyuThe Roles of Civil Society in Democratic Transition
19.09. 12.11.Seong-Hee KimThe Effect of Income Inequality on Trust: Evidence from Privatization in East Germany
19.09. 01.10.David SirokyThe Political Economy of Muslim Minorities and Majorities
19.09. 10.10.Andrea FumarolaIssue Ownership and Electoral Accountability: How Immigration shapes Partisan Competition in twenty-two Europan Democracies
25.09. 24.10.

Filippos ExadaktylosSocial Capital under Good and Bad Governance
10.10. 14.10.Michele WillsonSocial Mobile Games and the Everyday
18.10. 18.11.

Hannah AlarianMigrant Employment and the Theory of Foundational Integration
01.12. 31.05.2017Antonio F. AlaminosThe West-East Divide in Europe. Exploring Social Change and the Political Expectations of European Societies.
19.12. - 20.01.2017Antonio F. Alaminos FernándezSymbols of the European Identity

Nach oben


TimeVisiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles of Projects

15.03. 29.03.

Vera LomazziAssessing the measurement reliability of scale taping attitudes towards gender roles in cross-cultural surveys. What went wrong in EVS 2008?
18.03. 21.03.Ruud LuijkxAssessing the measurement reliability of scale taping attitudes towards gender roles in cross-cultural surveys. What went wrong in EVS 2008?
13.04. 15.05.Justyna SalamońskaAttitudes towards immigrants in Europe in the context of business cycles change and migration dynamics
01.06. 04.06.Christopher ParkerIdentifying the Roots of the Reactionary Right: A Comparative Perspective
18.06. 15.07.Andrea De AngelisChanging Media, Changing Voters- An Investigation on the Political Consequences of Innovation in the Media – U.S., U.K., and Italy (1974 – 2014)
18.06. 15.07.Mathilde van DitmarsFamily influences on individuals’ political preferences
24.6. 23.07.Cary WuWhen Most Needed It is not There: Explaining National-Level Trust in the United Nations
02.07. 22.07.Adrian WójcikThe power, the class and values – how values and beliefs are related to individual position on the labour market
12.08. 19.08.Albana Shehaj

Constructing a Collective European Identity on a Platform of Diversity: How Does the Internal Historical and Institutional Context Influence the Outcomes?

01.09. 08.09.Francesco Antonelli

Conscience of Human Rights and Attitudes towards Migrants: A Study on Popular Classes in Euro Mediterranean Countries

15.10. 10.11.Francesco MolteniInsecurity and Religiosity in Europe. A Cross-National and Multi-Level Analysis on Christian Countries

01.11. 02.12.

Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi

Social capital development and welfare state reforms: experience of EU countries for Ukraine.

22.11. 20.12.

Mariya Karaivanova

Changes across generations: young people's value orientations.

29.11. 18.12.

Edward Haddon

The subjective implications of social class: Evidence from 38 countries.

03.12. – 07.12.Vincenzo Bollettino DisasterNet Philippines. Building community-based disaster resilience by improving grassroots preparedness and response.

Nach oben


TimeVisiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles of Projects

03.01. 22.01.

Tatiana KarabchukJob Stability and Fertility Under Different Institutional Background of the Countries
20.01. 20.02.Gennadii KorzhovTerritorial Identities and Post-Materialist Values
27.01. 07.02.Paula TufisThe Role of Social Class in Shaping Child-Rearing Values. An Analysis of European Societies
10.02. 07.03.Alexander SeymerA comparison of social milieus across European countries as approach to disentangle similarities and differences in political attitudes
24.02. 22.03.Vera LomazziWomen, poltics and society. Female participation and solidarity between genders
01.03. 31.03.Jan-Jan SoonSkilled migration: A regression discontinuity design approach

13.04. 18.04. &

02.06. 13.06.

Tatiana Karabchuk, Natalia Soboleva, Anna RyabchikovaGender attitudes and fertility behavior in comparative perspective
02.06. 04.07.Karoline HarzenetterValues trade-off and attitudes towards European Integration in the Context of the Financial Crisis in Europe
01.07. 24.07.Yuying ShenLife events, social support and trajectory of depression transition among the aged -- A comparative study of the U.S., Germany, and China
07.07. 24.07.Ferruccio Biolcati-RinaldiEstimating Societal Trends from Heterogeneous Cross-Sectional Time Series Surveys – Some Challenges Demonstrated on the Example of Church Attendance Trends in Europe
15.07. 15.09.Norman MukasaIdeal Family size, Household strategies and Impact of violent conflict
11.08. 12.09.Monica Mihaela Maer MateiCross country investigation of educational mismatches
02.09. 30.09.Peter LüchauAlive but irrelevant? Tracing the social significance of religion in Europe
02.10. 28.10.Saara HämäläinenThe Role of Social Policy in Poverty Reduction. A Comparative Study on Changes in Family structure and Dynamics of Poverty
01.11. 30.11.Daniela CraveiroHealth inequality in later life in Europe: variability of actors and contexts
02.12. 19.12.Arndt LeiningerPopular Support for Direct Democracy in Europe

Nach oben


Time Visiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles of Projects

14.01. 18.01.

Zoe Lefkofridi (hosted as guest of the GESIS, DAS team "International Data Infrastructure Center")The European Citizen Initiative. Who and Why?
14.01. 28.01.Carmelo Moreno del RioThe “federalist issue” in Europe. Attitudes, opinions about national models and institutional projects for European Union
14.01. 01.02.Edurne Bartolome Peral (in co-operation with Malina Voicu)Support for democracy and religious culture
01.02. 30.04.Bogdan VoicuDoes Life Satisfaction Travel in Immigrants’ Luggage?
01.03. 31.03.Henrik Serup ChristensenPolitical Disenchantment and Citizen Engagement in Representative democracies
08.04. 27.04.Max Koch (in co-operation with Martin Fritz)Attitudes towards Climate Change and Social Policies - a Comparative View
15.04.2013 15.04.2014Francesco Sarracino (DAAD - Leibniz Post-doctoral research fellow)Social capital and subjective well-being: an assessment of the causal nexus
22.04. 31.05.Ana Cosima RughinisUsing Age-Period-Cohort Decomposition as a Conceptual Tool in Social Analysis
29.04. 17.05.Yuriy SavelyevAmendment of the Modernization Model: Explaining Variations in Values Change and Development in European Societies
06.05. 17.05. &
26.05. 08.06.
Małgorzata MikuckaWell-being effects of family support during the transition to unemployment
21.05. 20.06.Liisa TalvingIncumbent Support During Economic Crisis: A Comparative Study of the EU Member States
01.07. 07.07.Dominic Duckett (hosted as guest of GESIS/DAS)Changing biopower relations through electronic identification of farm animals
15.07. 21.07.Céline Ehrwein Nihan (hosted as guest of GESIS/DAS)Ubiquitous Computing in the Workplace: What Ethical Issues?
15.07. 31.07.Ekaterina GorbunovaSocietal requisites for democratic transition and consolidation: Democratic dimensions of political culture in Russia
23.09. 20.12.Eldad DavidovValues and methods to test for cross-cultural invariance
26.09. 27.09.Malina Voicu, Ingvill C. Mochmann, Hermann Dülmer (organizers) and about 20 international participantsAuthors' Conference: Values, Crisis and Democracy
30.09. 26.10.Cicero Roberto PereiraSocial Values and Socio-Economic Development
07.10. 25.10.Amy AdamczykUnderstanding the Factors that Shape Tolerance for Homosexuality Across Nations
10.10. 11.10. Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi (hosted as guest of the FDZ 'ISP')Church Attendance and Religious Change in Europe
11.10.Ingvill C. Mochmann, Malina Voicu, Martin Fritz and about 15 international participantsEUROLAB User Meeting 2013
11.11. 22.11.Ivan RimacSurvey data falsification indicators study
11.11. 05.12.Wladimir KozlowThe Role of Age and Cohorts in Subjective Well-Being and Subjective Health Status
20.11. 20.12.Maxim RudnewPeople in Transition: Disoriented Value Class in Europe and Symptoms of Social Decay
25.11. 20.12.Nataliya ReshetovaSatisfaction with Democracy in Ukraine in the Period of Transition
02.12. 20.12.Knut PetzoldThe willingness to be mobile as resource in professional careers - causes and effects in international comparison
09.12. 16.12.Ferruccio Biolcati-RinaldiChurch attendance and religious change in Europe (1973-2010)
09.12. 16.12.Cristiano VezzoniEstimating Societal Trends from Cumulated, Harmonized, Cross-National Survey Data – The Case of Church Attendance Trends in Europe

Nach oben


Time Visiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles of Projects
10.12.2011 - 10.12.2012Victor Cebotari (post-doctoral Leibniz – DAAD research fellowship)Social Integration and National Diversity in Multicultural Societies
23.01.2012 - 23.03.2012Shunsuke Tanabe (hosted as guest of the FDZ "ISP")National Identity and Political Attitudes
26.01.2012 - 27.01.2012Christina Eder, Ingvill C. Mochmann and Markus Quandt (organizers) and about 20 international participantsAuthors' Conference: Declining Political Trust, Disenchantment with Politics,
and Methods of Political Participation

30.01.2012 - 26.02.2012

Andrei GheorghitaVoter Characteristics and Leader effects in Central and Eastern European Countries
14.02.2012 - 10.03.2012Andre FreireValue Orientations and Euroscepticism
01.03.2012 - 29.03.2012Iuliia SeredaPathways to Social Mobility: the Effects of Social and Economic Transformations in Eastern Europe
06.03.2012 - 28.03.2012Jose Santana PereiraDo media systems shape trust and exposure to media? A multilevel analysis of the EU citizens patterns of trust and exposure to the media in 2009
26.03.2012 - 11.04.2012GergőPrazsákA Geography of Value Systems
29.03.2012 - 30.06.2012Raluca RusuOrganizational commitment in the higher education institutions of Romania: a comparative assessment
01.05.2012 - 29.06.2012Ana Cosima RughinisOld tool for new grasp. A theoretical and methodological evaluation of the civic scientific literacy quiz scale
14.05.2012 - 18.05.2012 and 18.12.2012 - 21.12.2012Sabine Lee (in co-operation with Ingvill Mochmann)Comparative analysis of hidden populations
04.06.2012 - 29.06.2012Tyler HoranEffects of Work-Leisure Hybridization in the EU as a result of Increased ICT Adoption
02.07.2012 - 06.07.2012Alexandru CernatSearching for patterns in attitudes towards science
02.09.2012 - 01.10.2012Dina VozabMedia audiences and citizenship as an aspect of media systems- a comparative view
07.09.2012 - 06.10.2012Anna ShirokanovaIndividualization and Social Solidarities in Post-Communist Europe
24.09.2012 - 13.10.2012Barbara SenaFrom individual responsibility to social responsibility. A theoretical and empirical analysis for the construction of the Sociology of responsible action
24.10.2012 - 21.11.2012Bogdan Mihai RaduSupport for International Development in Former Communist Countries of the European Union – Reconstructing Political Culture
29.10.2012 - 23.11.2012Horatio RusuGlobalization, individualization or post-materialist value orientation: an investigation of factors influencing social solidarity in Europe
04.11.2012 - 02.12.2012Ferruccio Biolcati-RinaldiChurch attendance and religious change in Europe (1973-2010)
21.11.2012 - 21.12.2012Valentina-Andreea DimulescuCorruption Perceptions and Voting Loyalty: Comparing Central and Eastern Europe to Latin America
26.11.2012 - 21.12.2012Norman MukasaRelationship between women's economic participation, livelihood choices, and well-being in Post-conflict countries
03.12.2012 - 21.12.2012Tseng Huang-Kai (hosted as guest of the GESIS, DAS team "International Data Infrastructure Center") Electoral Competition in Contemporary Democracies

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Time Visiting ResearchersResearch Topics / Titles of Projects

23.05.2011 - 25.05.2011

Max Koch and Martin Fritz (organizers) and 11 participants from EU countriesAuthors' Conference: The Destandardisation of Employment in the EU
25.07.2011 - 03.08.2011Inta MierinaPublic Goods through Private Eyes
29.08.2011 - 02.09.2011Simon FranzmannThe Manifesto Project in a Content Analysis Perspective
26.09.2011 - 07.10.2011Inta MierinaPublic Goods through Private Eyes
23.11.2011 - 23.12.2011Edurne Bartolome PeralSupport for Democracy and Religious Culture in Europe
01.12.2011 - 19.12.2011Alice RamosThreat Perceptions towards Immigration in Europe

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2006 - 2010

Time Visiting Researchers
Research Topics / Titles of Projects
18.06.2006 - 07.07.2006Bartolome Peral, EdurnePolitical Support and Generalized Trust in European Societies
19.06.2006 - 08.07.2006Bartkowski, JerzyLocal Political Participation in a Comparative Perspective
24.09.2006 - 05.10.2006De Miguel Pascual, Roberto
(group leader)
Explaining Differences in Internet Diffusion and Acceptance Among EU-Members and the CEE: An Initial Comparative Study
24.09.2006 - 21.10.2006Garcia Lupato, FabioThe Europeanisation of Political Parties: Discourse, Policy Change, and Usage of European Themes of Spanish and Italian Party Leaders from the Maastricht Treaty to the European Constitution
16.01.2007 - 02.02.2007Voicu, Malina
(group leader)
Social Capital and Attitudes towards the Welfare State
24.02.2007 - 24.03.2007Greco, RomyThe Multilevel Model of General Strain Theory
25.02.2007 - 17.03.2007Kufer, AstridThe Impact of Culture for Political Attitudes - A Comparison of Contemporary European Societies
25.02.2007 - 17.03.2007Pop, Cosmina-ElenaComparing Quality of Life in Romania and other European Countries
25.02.2007 - 17.03.2007Rosta, GergelyParticipation in the ZA Spring Seminar 2007: Advanced Categorical Data Analysis
25.02.2007 - 17.03.2007Vasile, Marian OctavianLife Styles and Quality of Work Life in Romania
25.02.2007 - 18.03.2007Cabo, PaulaGovernance and Cooperatives. The Portuguese Agricultural Credit Cooperatives
17.04.2007 - 23.04.2007Sapir, EliyahuSAKRAN v2.0 – The Guttman Center Data Management Application
24.04.2007 - 29.04.2007Markowski, Radoslav
(group leader)
Monitoring Democracy Development and Electoral Behaviour in Central and Eastern Europe
04.06.2007 - 22.06.2007Precupetu, IulianaSubjective well-being: Romania in the European perspective
04.06.2007 - 22.06.2007Precupetu, MariusChange in attitudes towards EU: perceived benefits and disadvantages of EU membership
04.06.2007 - 30.06.2007Yanakiev, YantsislavInstitutionalising European Defence: Main Trends in the Public Perceptions in the Age of the War on Terror
18.06.2007 - 21.06.2007Chenu, Alain
(group leader)
Data Management, data integration and archive organisation
12.11.2007 - 09.12.2007Lup, OanaThe relevance of personal social networks for individual political behaviour
19.11.2007 - 30.11.2007Öhlen, MatsEuropeanization of Party Systems in East Central Europe: A Comparative Study of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
07.01.2008 - 03.02.2008Bakonyi, EszterTrust towards institutions
02.01.2008 - 31.03.2008Alkema, Nike KristinThe Contested Heritage of the "Democrazia cristiana" - The political diaspora of the Christian Democrats in Italys Transition from the First to the Second Republic
06.02.2008 - 08.02.2008Chenu, Alain (group leader)Data management, data integration, and archive organisation
08.02.2008 - 11.02.2008Ekman, Joakim (group leader)The dynamics of hybrid regimes
05.05.2008 - 25.05.2008Pop, Cosmina-ElenaSubjective Quality of Life in Europe
11.06.2008 - 30.06.2008Prejmerean, Mihaela Cornelia (group leader) The use of multivariate regression in estimating the lifestyle function of the under 35 highly trained European citizens
01.09.2008 - 30.09.2008Brier, AlanConsolidation of work in computer-assisted text analysis as applied to multilingual materials from the archive of European party manifestos held at the ZA
02.09.2008 - 22.09.2008Guinaudeau, Isabelle

The Effect of the European integration on the Ideological Positioning of French, German and British Political Parties

03.11.2008 - 08.11.2008Voicu, MalinaThe dynamic of religious identification and religious values in Romania: 1993 - 2008
06.01.2009 - 06.02.2009Gherghina, Sergiu

Party Organizations and Electoral Volatility in Central and Eastern European States

14.01.2009 - 25.01.2009Pereira, JoseMedia Effects on Public Opinion in European Election of 2009: A Cross-national Approach to the Agenda Setting Hypothesis
15.02.2009 - 30.03.2009Cebotari, VictorThe Conflicting Path of Ethnic Diversity: Common Values and Protest Action among Minority and Majority Groups in Europe
25.02.2009 - 08.04.2009Odella, FrancescaPublic Opinion Concerns on Data Privacy in Comparative Perspective (EU)
01.03.2009 - 14.03.2009Göncz, BorbalaAttitudes towards the EU in Hungary
01.03.2009 - 07.03.2009Guinaudeau, IsabelleThe Impact of European Integration on the Socio-Economic Positioning of British, French and German Social-Democratic Parties.
01.03.2009 - 20.03.2009Mihai, Iona-AlexandraCommunity values in contemporary society
01.03.2009 - 20.03.2009Tufis, PaulaStatus Attainment and Social Mobility
01.03.2009 - 20.03.2009Tufis, ClaudiuChanging Attitudes towards the Principles of the Economic System
01.03.2009 - 20.03.2009Voicu, MalinaReligious Practices and Believes across Europe
01.03.2009 - 20.03.2009Voicu, BogdanSocial capital across Europe
07.03.2009 - 21.03.2009Hansson, JennyHome to work stress among National Parlamentarians in comparative perspective
22.03.2009 - 08.04.2009Bengtson, AsaDirect Democracy and its Critics
01.04.2009 - 08.04.2009Pereira, JoseMedia Effects on Public Opinion in European Election of 2009: A Cross-national Approach to the Agenda Setting Hypothesis
18.08.2009 - 02.10.2009Linzenbold, IlldikoThe Outer and Inner World of Schools
18.08.2009 - 11.09.2009Odella, FrancescaPublic Opinion Concerns on Personal Data Privacy in Comparative Perspective (EU)
18.08.2009 - 11.09.2009Vlas, NataliaReligion and Democracy in an Enlarged Europe. A Comparative Perspective
13.11.2009 - 12.12.2009Cebotari, VictorThe Conflicting Path of Ethnic Diversity: Common Values and Protest Action among Minority and Majority Groups in Europe
05.01.2010 - 06.02.2010Rughinis, Ana Cosima (group leader)Religiosity and Secularity as Causal Variables in Quantitative Models
22.02.2010 - 26.02.2010Julia Häuberer

Analyzing Czech resource generator data

22.02.2010 - 12.03.2010Monika BazylImpact of housing conditions on health and well-being – panel data analysis
22.02.2010 - 12.03.2010Borbala GönczPerceptions of the EU and European identity
22.02.2010 - 12.03.2010Georgiana Aurelia IvanWork life Balance in Romania, in a European context. Causes, effects and trends
22.02.2010 - 12.03.2010Carmen Monica SerbanRomanian migrants to Spain: in or outside migration networks - a matter of time?
22.02.2010 - 12.03.2010Bernadette SzelPartnership cohesion from the aspect of household labour division, intramarital communication and extramarital network characteristics
22.02.2010 - 29.03.2010Claudia Abreu LopesTesting social mechanisms in cross-national research
01.03.2010 - 12.03.2010Paula TufisThe Influence of Social Status on Child-Rearing Values
06.03.2010 - 13.03.2010Cosima RughinisReligiosity and Secularity as Causal Variables in Quantitative Models

09.03.2010 - 23.03.2010

Piret Ehin

Public support for the EU and second-order effects in European elections

28.03.2010 - 15.05.2010Tor KorneliussenA Comparative Study of the Information Source Behavior of EU tourists
09.05.2010 - 19.05.2010Diego GarziaThe Personalization of Party Identifications in Western Europe
16.08.2010 - 06.09.2010Mihail ChiruPolitical Knowledge and Satisfaction with EU democracy in the Post-Communist Member States
02.09.2010 - 15.11.2010Tor KorneliussenA Comparative Study of the Information Source Behavior of EU tourists
20.09.2010 - 01.10.2010Julia HäubererThe Interplay of Social Capital and Cultural Societal Aspects in International Perspective
04.10.2010 - 10.11.2010Ana Cosima Rughinis (group leader)Religiosity and Secularity as Causal Variables in Quantitative Models
08.11.2010 - 28.11.2010Virag Havasi (group leader) and Csaba MeszarosConnections between Values and Quality of Life
02.12.2010 - 21.12.2010Antal OrkenyEveryday justice judgements, generational justice concerns, and family transfers
06.12.2010 - 23.12.2010Edurne Bartolome Peral (group leader) and Malina VoicuEvolution and correlates of democratic attitudes in Eastern and Western Societies
13.12.2010 - 23.12.2010Mihail Chiru

Political Knowledge and Satisfaction with EU democracy in the Post-Communist Member States

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