Update of EB81.5, EB88.1, Flash EB 455 and Flash EB 456 released

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Eurobarometer 81.5 (ZA5929, June 2014)

Special Eurobarometer 

Archive edition, v3.0.0


Carried out by TNS opinion (BRUSSELS), on request of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION (COMM.A.1 ´Strategy, Corporate Communication Actions and Eurobarometer´), between June 14 and June 26, 2014.


  • Social Climate (QA)

  • Innovation in Science and Technology (QB) 


Eurobarometer 88.1 (ZA6925, September-October 2017)

Special Eurobarometer

Pre-release, v1.0.0


Carried out by TNS OPINION (BRUSSELS), coordinated by the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Directorate-General for Communication, Public Opinion Monitoring Unit and by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General Communication (COMM.A.3.: Media monitoring and analysis), between September 23 and October 02, 2017.



  • Parlemeter 2017 (QA)

  • Cultural heritage (QB)

  • Future of Europe (QC)

  • Attitudes of European citizens towards the environment (QD)


Flash Eurobarometer 455 (ZA6916)
European Youth

Fieldwork: September 2017

Coverage: EU 28

Archive release v1.0.0




Flash Eurobarometer 456 (ZA6917)
SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets

Fieldwork: September 2017

Coverage: EU 28 TR MK ME RS AL IS NO MD US

Archive release v1.0.0


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