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Update of Special Eurobarometer 94.2, Flash Eurobarometer 526 released

Kategorien: Eurobarometer

Eurobarometer 94.2 (ZA7750 Nov-Dec 2020)

Special Eurobarometer

Pre-release (Embargo update), v2.0.0

Carried out by Kantar Public Brussels on behalf of Kantar Belgium, on request of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (Directorate-General Communication, Public Opinion Monitoring Unit) and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate General Communication (COMM.A.3.: Media monitoring and Eurobarometer), between November 20 and December 21, 2020.


•    EMBARGOES LIFTED: Modules QC, QD and QE released
•    E-Communications in the Single Market (QC)
•    EU Humanitarian Aid / EU Civil Protection (QD)
•    EU citizens and development cooperation (QE)

Flash Eurobarometer 526 (ZA7986)
Understanding Europeans’ views on reform needs
Fieldwork: April 2023
Coverage: EU 27
Archive release v1.0.0