Summer School 2016

The 5th GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology took place at GESIS in Cologne from 04 to 26 August 2016. We enjoyed:

  • 197 participants from around 35 countries
  • 17 one-week courses and four short courses
  • the expertise and skills of 40 instructors and teaching assistants
  • 3 evening talks
  • and numerous outings and social highlights, among which 3 end-of-week parties with live music on the GESIS roof terrace.

You can download the flyer of the 5th GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology here (2.2 MB).

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Week 0 (4-5 August)

Short Course A: Introduction to Research Data Management
   Instructors: Dr. Sebastian Netscher, Dr. Jonas Recker

Short Course B: Introduction to Data analysis Using Mplus
   Instructor: Dr. Carl Berning

Short Course C: Research Designs and Causal Inference
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Eifler, Heinz Leitgöb

Short Course D: Intorduction to Data Analysis Using Stata
   Instructor: Sven-Oliver Spieß

Week 1 (8-12 August)

Course 1: Introduction to Survey Design
   Instructors: Prof. Peter Lugtig, PhD; Ulrich Krieger

Course 2: Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Framework: Confirmatory Factor Analysis with Mplus
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Jost Reinecke, Georg Kessler

Course 3: Introduction to Data Analysis Using R
   Instructors: Dr. Hans Walter Steinhauer, Ariane Würbach

Course 4: Introduction to Web Surveys
   Instructors: Prof. Katja Lozar Manfreda,PhD; Nejc Berzelak, PhD

Course 5: Mixed-Mode and Mixed-Device Surveys
   Instructors: Asst. Prof. Vera Toepoel; Prof. Dr. Edith de Leeuw; Dr. Thomas Klausch

Course 6: Factorial Survey Design
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Katrin Auspurg; Dr. Carsten Sauer

Week 2 (15-19 August)

Course 7: Web Survey Instruments
   Instructors: Prof. Mick P. Couper, PhD; Dr. Frederik Funke

Course 8: Understanding and Modeling Measurement Error in Oscial Surveys
   Instructors: Prof. em. Dr. Jaak Billiet; Prof. Melanie Revilla, PhD

Course 9: Testing and Evaluating Survey Questions
   Instructors: Aaron Maitland, PhD; Ting Yan, PhD

Course 10: Item Nonresponse and Multiple Imputation
   Instructors: Dr. Florian Meinfelder, Prof. Dr. Susanne Rässler

Course 11: Design and Implemantation of Longitudinal Surveys
   Instructors: Dr. Tarek Al Baghal, Dr. Alexandru Cernat

Course 12: Questionnaire Design
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Marek Fuchs, Dr. Tanja Kunz

Week 3 (22-26 August)

Course 13: Sensitive Questions in Surveys
   Instructors: Dr. Ivar Krumpal, Dr. Feliux Wolter

Course 14: Planning and Monitoring Survey Fieldwork: Balancing Survey Errors
   Instructors: Dr. Remco Feskens, Dr. Joost Kappelhof

Course 15: Mathematical Tools for Social Scientists
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Martin Elff

Course 16: Testing survey data for measurement equivalence across countries and time
   Instructors: Prof. Dr. Eldad Davidov, Prof. em. Dr. Peter Schmidt, Dr. Daniel Seddig

Course 17: Sampling, Weighting and Estimation
  Instructors: Stephanie Eckman, PhD

Plenary Program

Evening Talks

11 August, Prof. Dr. Katrin Auspurg & Dr. Carsten Sauer -
Factorial Survey Designs

15 August, GESIS talk by JProf. Dr. Claudia Wagner & Dr. Katrin Weller -
The 'Computational Social Science' Department at GESIS

18 August, Aaron Maitland, PhD & Ting Yan, PhD -
Guidelines for Selecting Methods to Evaluate and Test Survey Questions

25 August, Prof. Dr. Eldad Davidov & Dr. Daniel Seddig -
Different aspects in current discussions on measurement equivalence across cultures or over time

Social and Cultural Events

Short Courses Week

Saturday (6 August): Excursion to Blackfoot Beach in Cologne

Week 1

Monday   (8 August at 20:00): Welcome Reception

Thursday (11 August at 20:00): End-of-Week Party

Saturday (13 August): Excursion to the Ahr Valley: Red Wine Tasting and visit of a former Government Bunker

Week 2

Monday   (15 August at 20:00): Welcome Reception

Thursday (18 August at 20:00): End-of-Week Party

Saturday (20 August): Excursion to the Geyser in Andernach

Week 3

Monday   (22 August at 20:00): Welcome Reception

Thursday (25 August at 20:00): End-of-Week Party