European Labor Force Survey (EU-LFS) and European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC): 

2nd European User Conference 

Mannheim, March 31 - April 1, 2011  

Organized by German Microdata Lab (GESIS) in cooperation with Eurostat   


EU-LFS and EU-SILC are the most important official micro data for comparative social research in Europe. An increasing number of researchers use these data for a wide range of economic and social analyses. Topics addressed include e.g. labour migration, integration of immigrants, monetary poverty, income mobility, income inequality, material deprivation, working poor, gender gaps on the labour market. In the context of the rapidly growing use of EU-LFS and EU-SILC data there is a need to share experience between researchers, to provide feedback to producers, but also to learn more about the way these European statistics are developed, compiled and disseminated. 

The 2nd European User Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC, organized by the German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat, will provide researchers with the opportunity to present and discuss their work and share their experience. In addition to fostering the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, the conference offers researchers the opportunity to give feedback to the European Statistical System. Given that the legal bases for EU-LFS and EU-SILC will be revised in the near future the conference offers the unique possibility to discuss needs and wants of the research community with Eurostat.


Abstracts and Presentations




Angel, Stefan, Marina Einböck and Karin Heitzmann
Over-indebtedness in the EU. A comparison of policy measures and the incidence of over-indebtedness among private households in the European Union
Abstract (35 kB)
Presentation (443 kB)
Bachmann, Ronald, Daniel Baumgarten and Matthias Vorell
Unemployment Duration and Job Search Intensity in Europe - an Overview
Abstract (29 kB)
Presentation (1,12 MB)
Bachmann, Ronald, Peggy David and Sandra Schaffner
Pay transitions and inequality in Europe
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (501 kB)
Bárcena-Martin, Elena and Ana I. Moro-Egido
A multilevel analysis of poverty in singles across european countries: gender effect on poverty
Abstract (37 kB)
Presentation (161 kB)
Bonerandi-Richard, Emmanuelle, Mélodie Martin and Luc Merchez
Uses and limits of EU-SILC for a spatial analysis of poverty at the regional level in Europe
Abstract (43 kB)
Presentation (3,36 MB)
Brandolini, Andrea and Eliana Viviano
Extensive vs. Intensive margin: Changing perspective on the employment rate
Abstract (28 kB)
Presentation (57 kB)
Bredtmann, Julia and Sandra Schaffner
Temporary employment in Europe – stepping stone?
Abstract (35 kB)

Casado, José Maria, Cristina Fernández and Juan Francisco Jimeno
Labour market flows in the European Union
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (1,01 MB)
Christofides, Louis N., Alexandros Polycarpou and Konstantinos Vrachimis
The Gender Wage Gaps, ‘Sticky Floors’ and ‘Glass Ceilings’ of the European Union
Abstract (33 kB)

Eichhorst, Werner, Regina Konle-Seidl, Alison Koslowski and Paul Marx
Quantity over quality? A European comparison of the changing nature of transitions between non-employment and employment
Abstract (30 kB)
Presentation (775 kB)
Frick, Joachim R. and Kristina Krell
The Consistency of Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Data when Measuring Income Levels, Inequality, and Mobility in EU-SILC Countries
Abstract (30 kB)
Presentation (607 kB)
Gießelmann, Marco
The Impact of unions on the patterns of in-work poverty. Evidences from a comparative hierarchical analysis of European countries
Abstract (35 kB)
Presentation (97 kB)
Glaser, Thomas  and Matthias Till
Calibration of EU-SILC longitudinal data
Abstract (29 kB)
Presentation (2,19 MB)
Goedemé, Tim
How much confidence can we have in EU-SILC? Complex sample designs and the standard error of the Europe 2020 poverty indicators
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (459 kB)
Gomez-Salvador, Ramon, Adriana Lojschova and Thomas Westermann 
Household sector borrowing in the Euro area: A micro data perspective
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (209 kB)
Hernanz, Virginia
The determinants of early retirement across Europe
Abstract (38 kB)
Presentation (353 kB)
Heuberger, Richard and Ursula Till-Tentschert
Inconsistencies between past annual income and current household composition in EU-SILC and their potential impact on low income rates
Abstract (29 kB)
Presentation (209 kB)
Iacovou, Maria and Alexandra Skew
Leaving home in Europe: A first look at Eastern Europe
(270 kB)Abstract (30 kB)
Presentation (839 kB)  (839 kB)
Lancee, Bram and Herman G. van de Werfhorst
Income inequality and participation: A comparison of 24 European countries
Abstract (27 kB)
Presentation (1,84 MB)
Lohmann, Henning
Low-paid work and poverty in European welfare states: The role of family structure and social transfers
Abstract (28 kB)
Presentation (211 kB)
Mascherini, Massimiliano, Donald Storrie and Irene Mandl
Exploring the determinants of becoming an Economic Short-Time Worker in Europe
Abstract (40 kB)
Presentation (820 kB)
Matta, Vanita
Mapping overemployment in the European Labour Market
Abstract (35 kB)
Presentation (1,00 MB)

Museux, Jean-Marc and Aleksandra Bujnowska
Perspective in release of EU micro data for research purpose: the new Commission Regulation on access to EU confidential data for scientific purposes

Abstract (25 kB)
Presentation (1,21 MB)  (1,21 MB)
Mysíková, Martina
Income inequality within couples female employment and gender wage gap
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (435 kB)
Ozdemir, Erhan
Socio-Economic Mobility in the EU: Analysis of transitions between risk of poverty, material deprivation and different states of economic activity using the EU-SILC 2008 longitudinal data
Abstract (49 kB)
Presentation (1,06 MB)
Perek-Bialas, Jolanta
Situation of older generations based on EU-SILC in selected Central and Eastern European countries
Abstract (37 kB)
Presentation (1,23 MB)
Reich, Nora
Mothers’ Wages in Europe: Does Parental Leave Matter?
Abstract (36 kB)

Riobóo Lestón, Irene and Massimiliano Mascherini
Patterns of labour market exit of older workers. An analysis in the UE-27 using the EU-SILC survey
Abstract (30 kB)
Presentation (297 kB)
Solheim, Erling
Explaining the gender gap in sickness absence: A cross-national comparison using the EU-LFS 2005 Module
Abstract (28 kB)
Presentation (177 kB)
Stuth, Stefan and Lena Hipp
Flexibility and Exclusion Patterns across Europe
Abstract (31 kB)
Presentation (246 kB)
Venema, Anita, Goedele Geuskens and Swenneke van den Heuvel
Quality of data on health and safety at work in the EU27
Abstract (30 kB)
Presentation (130 kB)
Wolf, Christof and Heike Wirth
German Microdata Lab: Service Center for Official Microdata

Presentation (385 kB)