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INSPIRE – New European project starting in October 2022

Kategorien: Europa und Internationales; Gleichstellungspolitik; Gleichstellungsmaßnahmen; Europa; Wissenschaft Aktuell; CEWS Aktuell

October 2022 marks the start of the new Horizon EU project INSPIRE. This European project with 14 partners aims to create a sustainable center that develops innovative, inclusive and research-based gender equality policies and tools for the academic world.

CEWS is in charge of one subproject within the framework of INSPIRE. It will conduct methodological research in the field of monitoring gender equality plans. CEWS will examine whether a web survey, as a reactive method of data collection, is better suited for the monitoring of gender equality plans, or the non-reactive method of web scraping. In addition, a concept for monitoring gender equality plans will be developed.

More information can be found on CEWS’ INSPIRE project website.

CEWS has a job opening for this 4-year-long project and will soon publish more details.