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Modern Marriages. European Perspectives on Policies, Discourses, Economies and Emotions in the long 20th century

Ort: Planned in a hybrid format due to the pandemical situation.
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Veranstalterinnen: Dr. Lisa Dittrich, LMU München; JProf. Dr. Maren Röger, University of Augsburg

Gefördert durch DfG

The workshop is planned in a hybrid format due to the pandemical situation. For those who can and want to participate in person, travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

Zeitraum: 16.09.2021 - 17.06.2021

"The institution of marriage had been astonishingly stable in central aspects throughout centuries. However, marriage was always discussed, reshaped and differently lived. We observe the most thorough changes in Europe since the end of the 19th century – many of them being labelled as a modernization of marriage. The modern states imposed their paradigm of civil administration over church rules, the changing working environment led to changes in private couples and family economies. Political debates sparked around the legal position of women. Moreover, marriage was increasingly thought of and lived as an emotional based relationship between two persons not a contract or a sacrament.

The planned conference will ask how marriage as an institution and as a way of life has changed in Europe in the long 20th century, in the context and under the influence of different legal and state systems as well as economic and civil society conditions."

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