Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung

Workshop: Gender in Global and Transnational History

Ort: University of Basel should the COVID situation allow, otherwise the event will be online
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Organisers: Ruth Ennis (Uni Leipzig), Tolulope Esther Fadeyi (Uni Basel), Laura Frey (Uni Basel)

Transnational and global history have become intriguing fields of research for young historians. Dissolving the containers of national history writing to look at transnational networks, cross-border movements or spatialisation processes, long-standing assumptions in historical research are being constantly challenged by innovative doctoral projects which look for connections and transfers rather than reinforcing nation-state containers. At the same time, historians such as Angelika Epple and Christoph Dejung ask the highly valid question, “was it a man’s world?”, when it comes to the failure of this critical and ever-growing field to include the achievements of women’s and gender history into the research scope of global and transnational history.

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