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Konferenz: Men & Masculinities under Socialism. A Social and Cultural History

Zeitraum: 08.10.20 - 09.10.20

Ort: online

"This online workshop aims to consider critical men’s studies and the history of masculinities, and to make these approaches fruitful for Eastern European gender studies and the gender history of socialism. Its objective is to stimulate new paths for writing the histories of masculinities under socialism, focusing especially on examining the meanings of masculinities in everyday life.

Therefore, the workshop opens with a general discussion of the history of masculinities, including two keynote speeches of Jürgen Martschukat (The Politics of Masculinity and Whiteness in Recent American History) and Erica L. Fraser (Military Masculinity and Postwar Recovery in the Soviet Union), and a film screening and discussion (introduced by György Kalmár). The second part of the workshop presents different case studies on the history of masculinities under socialism and will be organized around the discussion of pre-circulated article drafts."

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Oktober 2020