Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung

Final Conference: Religious Transformation and Gender

Zeitraum: 11.03.21 - 12.03.21

Ort: Utrecht, the Netherlands or online

"Disputes about the status and position of religions are increasing throughout the world. Conflicts about morals, national citizenship and public space are often interwoven with questions about religion and the secular, and many times interlinked with questions of gender, sexuality and race/ethnicity. This becomes apparent in, for example, recent discussions about women’s covering on French beaches; debates regarding the niqab in various European contexts; the recently signed ‘Nashville’ agreement in the Netherlands in which Evangelical and Calvinist pastors took an explicitly anti-homosexuality and anti-transgender standpoint; and the rise of ‘anti-gender’ movements across Europe. In these discussions and developments, understandings of belonging are often framed in terms of questions about religion gender/sexuality and race/ethnicity..."

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März 2021