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VIRTUAL, global meeting: 19th Gender Summit – Global for SDGs, Seoul

Zeitraum: 19.08.20 - 21.08.20

Ort: Seoul, South Korea

The UN SDG Agenda: Research and Interventions Agenda for the next 10 Years

Guest of Honour: Mr Ban-Ki Moon, past Secretary General of the UN

"After extensive deliberations, the lead partners, GISTeR, Portia, NRF, GTC, STEPI, and the Elsevier Foundation, have decided to hold GS19 as a virtual event.
This approach is the best solution, given the global nature of the meeting, which requires communicating across many time zones at the same time, and, also, responding to the staggered time lines in how countries around the globe deal with the impact of COVID-19. The GS19 programme is intended to demonstrate the evidence that adopting gender perspectives in research and interventions for SDGs will benefit the whole UN Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda and to point out gaps in knowledge, which create barriers to the wider adoption of gender knowledge when planning interventions for SDGs.
The outputs from GS19 will include: a summit report; expert report on the research needed for SDGs; A-Z guide why gender matters to SDGs, and a book of abstracts. Later, we also plan to produce virtual special issues focused on methods for sex/gender analysis relevant to research for SDGs."