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New: ALLBUS Cumulation 1980-2016 published!

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With the publication of ALLBUS 1980-2016 the cumulated ALLBUS data presents itself in a new form.

Introduced with ALLBUS 2016, the topically structured variable names and the standardized coding scheme for missing values, are now featured in the cumulated data for the first time.

Moreover, the scope of variables included in the data set has been extensively overhauled and streamlined.

With regard to new content, the most important addition to the cumulated data ist the integration of ALLBUS 2016's main topical modul 'Attitudes towards ethnic and religious minorities'. While this module as a whole has already been fielded for the third time after 1996 and 2006, a number of its central constructs have even been part of the ALLBUS program going back to the 1980ies. Thus, the available data covers at least 20 years, in some cases almost 40 years, of social development. For a first impression of the extent of social Change in that period of time, take a look a the graphic on contacts between Germans and foreigners in different fields of life below.