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Allgemeine Bevölkerungs­umfrage
der Sozial­wissenschaften

The ALLBUS Awards

Since 2010, the ALLBUS group (GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences) annually awards one of two prizes for outstanding scientific works which use the analytic potential of ALLBUS data in original ways:

  • the ALLBUS Award, which is open to all scientists, honors journal or book articles which underline the role of ALLBUS as a methodically rigid and content rich data source for the social sciences,
  • the ALLBUS Young Talent Award highlights the importance of ALLBUS as a resource for the education of young scientists by honoring outstanding undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses.

For both awards, the scientific advisory body of ALLBUS, the Study Coordination Group, acts as jury. The main condition of eligibility for both prizes is the use of ALLBUS data as a main data source in the respective paper. As decisive criteria for the evaluation, the jury considers the originality and importance of the methodological or content-related question adressed in the paper or publication as well as the sophistication of the statistical methods employed in the analysis.