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Allgemeine Bevölkerungs­umfrage
der Sozial­wissenschaften

The ALLBUS-Questionnaires

  • The documentation of the original ALLBUS survey instruments includes the German ISSP-modules administered together with ALLBUS since 1986 as well as additional survey materials such as showcards etc. 
  • Since 2000 the ALLBUS-series uses CAPI as method of data collection. The documentation of CAPI-instruments comprises the complete question programm as well as all relevant routing information. Check routines and purely technical variables are not routinely documented. 
  • English translations of ALLBUS questionnaires have been regularly made available since ALLBUS 1996. Apart from a translation of the ALLBUS-questions, the documentation includes the English language masterquestionnaires of the ISSP-modules administered with ALLBUS. Showcards and other interview materials are only available as part of the original language documentation.