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Allgemeine Bevölkerungs­umfrage
der Sozial­wissenschaften

Latest Data:

ALLBUS 2021:
  • Full version (Study-No. ZA5280): download
  • ALLBUScompact (Study-No. ZA5281): download
ALLBUS/GGSS Cumulation 1980-2018 (English language documentation):
  • Full version (Study-No. ZA5276): download
  • ALLBUS/GGSScompact (Study-No. ZA5277): download
ALLBUS 1980-2018:
  • Full version (Study-No. ZA5274): download
  • ALLBUScompact (Study-No. ZA5275): download

Access to Data and Documentation

ALLBUS documentation materials and data sets are downloadable for free from the GESIS Data Catalog (DBK). Documentation materials (e.g. variable reports or questionnaires) can be downloaded directly. To download data sets, please log in to your GESIS-account (registration).

Apart from the regular scientific use files containing the full range of variables, ALLBUS provides a series of data sets called ALLBUScompact as public use files. Specifically intended for educational use, ALLBUScompact data sets contain a less complex demography module suitable for newcomers to data analysis.

ALLBUS makes available data sets for all cross sectional studies as well as cumulated data sets containing all replicated variables. In addition to the regular surveys, the ALLBUS program also comprises a number of methodological studies. Finally, ALLBUS provides supplementary regional data that could not be included in the regular scientific use files because of data protection concerns. This sensitive data can be made available for analyses subject to special contractual regulations with the GESIS Secure Data Center. Please also read our notes for regional data.