Center of Excellence Women and Science

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Nationally and internationally, CEWS is networking with other research institutions, professional societies, infrastructures of gender, university and evaluation research as well as scientific organizations and science policy institutions in order to contribute to a constructive exchange between researchers, practitioners and politicians and to cooperate as a partner in inter-institutional third-party funded projects.

akfifz - Arbeitskreis Frauen in den Forschungszentren / Workgroup Women in Research Centers

In this official committee of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, those responsible for gender equality among the fifteen research centers of the Helmholtz Association have collectively decided to bundle together the representation of the interests of women scientists in non-university research institutions to be able to act as an advisory group to the board (Dr. Nina Steinweg).


bukof - Federal Conference of Gender Equality Officers in Higher Education in Germany

CEWS acted as the contact point for bukof until the establishment of its own office (2016). Furthermore, CEWS is in close contact with bukof, is a permanent guest on the extended board and supports the preparation of the annual conference (Dr. Andrea Löther).


Com.X Institut, Bochum

Project cooperation


Conference of Ministers and Senators for Gender Equality and Women’s Issues

Guest status in the working group “Promotion of Women in Science” (Jutta Dalhoff).


Contact Point Women in EU Research (FiF)

Regular exchange and cooperation, e.g. during lectures or in the network of EU projects with gender references (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


DeGEval – Working group Gender Mainstreaming

The working group on Gender Mainstreaming convenes members of DeGEval who research and work on gender and equality in evaluations (Dr. Anke Lipinsky).


DFG / German Research Foundation

Regular expert exchange with the group “Equal Opportunities, Research Integrity and Cross-Programme Development”


DFG Network “Exit from Science”

  • The network researches exit processes in academia, guest status (Dr. Andrea Löther).
  • Exchange on research projects
  • Establishment of research on exit processes within empirical higher education research


DHV / German Association of Universities

Regular joint vocation training courses (Potenziale nutzen! / Use your potential!) as a continuous further training offer for women scientists (Jutta Dalhoff)


DZHW / German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies

Ongoing scientific exchange


GenderNetz – Institut für Soziologie der RWTH Aachen

  • Gender Netz addresses gender biases in the career paths in engineering and information technology through informal funding relationships and networks.
  • Member of the scientific advisory board (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


GWK - Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz Joint Science Conference 

  • Guest status in the working group “Equal Opportunities in Science and Research Promotion of Women in Science” (Jutta Dalhoff)
  • Regular preparation of special evaluations for the annual report “Equal Opportunities in Science and Research” (Dr. Andrea Löther)


Joint project STEM Strategies 4.0

  • The joint project of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Regensburg aims to further develop concepts and evaluations for MINT projects for schoolgirls and female students to help them choose their studies and careers at universities of applied sciences.
  • Member of the scientific advisory board (Dr. Andrea Löther)


Netzwerk Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW / Women’s and Gender Studies Network NRW

  • Cooperation in various projects, including expertise for the Gender Report 2019 and 2021, participation in the Gender Congresses NRW (Dr. Andrea Löther, Jutta Dalhoff, Dr. Nina Steinweg)
  • Member of the advisory board (Dr. Nina Steinweg)
  • Joint publications (cews.publik)
  • Regular consultations


Netzwerk Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung / Consortium of higher education research and science studies institutions in Germany

Membership in the network (Dr. Andrea Löther)



Round table on gender equality and gender studies in academia

CEWS (Jutta Dalhoff, Dr. Nina Steinweg) is a permanent member of this round table, which is jointly organized by the German Rectors’ Conference and bukof (Federal Conference of Gender Equality Offices in Higher Education in Germany) The meetings are attended by representatives of scientific organizations and the political  world as well as spokespersons of various bukof commissions and the bukof board.


TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V.

  • Advice on content for applicant institutions from science and research that apply for the TOTAL E-QUALITY certificate
  • Regular development of the certificate with the board of directors and office (Dr. Nina Steinweg)


Baltic Gender

Member of the international advisory board of this EU project (Dr. Nina Steinweg)


B-NK GmbH, Austria

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky) 


Centre for Gender & Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Regular cooperation in projects, e.g. DATAWOMSCI or GENDERACTION and networks (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


European Commission: Chair of the expert group 

Expert group to support the preparation of the EC Recommendation to member states on institutional change in universities and research institutions to promote gender equality (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

Secondment of a CEWS staff member as policy analyst, Seconded National Expert (SNE) (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


European Commission: Expert group to update and expand “Gendered Innovations / Innovation through Gender”, Horizon 2020

The group assists the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programs and policies (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education

  • Since 2003, CEWS has been associated with the “eq-uni” network, moderated by Prof. Dr. Liisa Husu.
  • Member of the international advisory board of the European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)



Member of the advisory board of GENDER-NET (ERA-NET) on the promotion of gender equality in research institutions lead by CNRS (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Horizon 2020 ad hoc expert advisory group on the program “Science with and for Society”

The group provided consistent and consolidated advice to the European Commission during the preparation of the Horizon 2020 work programs (Dr. Anke Lipinsky).


Horizon 2020 expert advisory group on Gender

  • Advice to the European Commission services on the implementation of the gender dimension in research and innovation content as a cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020 work program.
  • Member (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Institut für Höhere Studien / Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria

Regular consultations, joint publications and guest visits (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Institute for Gender Studies of Siaulai University, Lithuania

Project cooperation within the EU project INTEGER (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Institute for Social Research, Norway

  • NORDICORE studies key issues that can help us understand and explain what promotes and inhibits gender balance and gender equality within academia and research.
  • Member of the advisory board (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


KEG / Conference of Women’s and Gender Studies Institutions in German-Speaking Areas

Regular organization of workshops on “Gender equality policy and gender studies” at KEG’s annual convention


KILDEN Information and Documentation Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, Oslo, Norway

Regular consulting, joint publications, networking in the European network of equality centers and project partner in the EU project DATAWOMSCI (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Language, Cognition, Gender

  • ITN Language, Cognition, Gender brings together ten European universities, under the leadership of the University of Bern, into a project-based network with the goal of coordinated, trans-national education of Ph.D. candidates.
  • Member of the advisory board (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Matej Bel University - Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, Slovakia

Regular consulting and project cooperation (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Mission pour la place des Femmes au CNRS, France

Regular consulting and project cooperation within the EU project INTEGER NET (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Open University of Catalunya, Spain

Project cooperation, e.g. GenPORT (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Örebro University - School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Center for Feminist Social Studies, Sweden

Regular consulting and project cooperation, e.g. GenPORT and via “eq-uni” (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Politechnika Krakowska, Cracow, Poland

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Portia - gender in science

Regular consultation, conference participation and project cooperation, e.g. GenPORT (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


RINGS - The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies

RINGS is an international association with the aim of bringing together research institutions engaged in gender and feminist research on a global basis. CEWS is an associated member (Dr. Anke Lipinsky).


Šiauliai University, Social Innovation Research Centre Gender Studies Division, Lithuania

Project cooperation, e.g. EU project INTEGER (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Statistical Correspondents on Gender in Research & Innovation I

  • National German representation on behalf of the BMBF (Dr. Andrea Löther, Dr. Anke Lipinsky)
  • Monitoring of “She Figures” (data on gender equality in the European Research Area)
  • Compilation of German data for the database “Women in Science” (scientific staff by career stage, research funding, committees and management positions)


Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

European network of centers for gender equality in science (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Technische Universität Wien; Gender Competence Department, Vienna, Austria

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Technologická agentura Ceske Republiky (TA CR), Prague, Czech Republic

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership, Dublin, Irland

Cooperation in the European network of centers for gender equality in science, in GENDER-NET as well as cooperation in the EU project INTEGER (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)


WHEM - Women in Higher Education Management Network

WHEM is an international feminist research consortium led by Professor Kate White, Federation University Australia. Dr. Anke Lipinsky joined the consortium in 2019.


WWTF / Vienna Science and Technology Fund, Vienna, Austria

Project cooperation, EU project GEECCO (Dr. Anke Lipinsky)