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CEWS has thus far successfully raised funding for and carried out 43 projects both domestically and internationally.

Here you will find a list of ongoing projects at CEWS. The project archive provides a list of some of the projects that CEWS has already completed.


We also compiled further information on funding, evaluations and conferences for you.

Evaluation Studies

Evaluations, which are by definition systematic valuations of programs and measures with objectified procedures and fact focused criteria, are among the most utilized instruments for quality assurance in the field of gender equality policy.

Evaluations in the field of gender equality policy, like other charged political issues, are also set amidst the conflicts of various ambitions, interests and rivalries, quality assurance and the distribution of resources. These unique conditions are echoed and reflected by CEWS, both in the institute's work in general, and in carrying out evaluation studies.

Evaluation studies carried out by CEWS

EvalKIT - Evaluation of the Gender Equality Policy of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

EvalTUB - Evaluation of the Gender Equality Policy of the Technical University of Braunschweig

EvalProf - Evaluation of the Programme for Women Professors

Evaluation INTEGER - Institutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research

Evaluation Health Research - Report on the evaluation of equal opportunity of women and men in the Health Research Framework Programme of the Federal Government

Evaluation Childcare Services for Scientists in Higher Education Institutions in Baden-Würtemberg

MINT/ STEM – Women Studying Engineering and Natural Science (Frauen in den ingenieur- und naturwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen). Evaluation of the BLK-recommendations from 2002

Evaluation of the program FEMtech of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Evaluation of the EU-project ENCOUWOMSCI - Encouragement to Advance

Evaluation of the Coaching-Center for young scientists of the University of Mainz, Germany

Evaluation of the national program Encouragement to Advance (Anstoß zum Aufstieg)

Evaluation of the Lise-Meitner-Habilitation-Program of North Rhine-Westphalia

Evaluation of the HWP-program for supporting equal opportunity for women in research and higher education in Schleswig-Holstein


Activities as evaluators or experts on gender equality

Evaluation of the UniFrauenstelle of the University of Zurich, Switzerland (expert consultant)

Evaluation of gender equality policies at Austrian universities (expert consultant)

System evaluation of research support and funding in Austria


Publications (in English)

Lipinsky, Anke (2009): Championing Women in Europe's Science? Evaluation of the European Career Support Program 'Encouragement to Advance - Training Seminars for Women Scientists', pp. 73-100. In: Lipinsky, Anke (ed.): Encouragement to Advance - Supporting Women in European Science Careers. Bielefeld: Kleine. (CEWS.Beiträge Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung; No. 5)

Tölle, Silke (2009): Welcome to normality - career support for women only. The qualitative evaluation of 'Encouragement to Advance - Training Seminars for Women Scientists', pp.101-118. In: Lipinsky, Anke (ed.): Encouragement to Advance - Supporting Women in European Science Careers. Bielefeld: Kleine. (CEWS.Beiträge Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung; No. 5)

Löther, Andrea; Maurer, Elisabeth (2008): Evaluation of gender equality policies. International Perspectives, pp.53-67. In: Grenz, Sabine; Kortendiek, Beate; Kriszio, Marianne; Löther, Andrea (ed.): Gender Equality Programmes in Higher Education. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.


Bonn 2010, conference “Facts and façades – Gender Equality Politics and Gender Knowledge in Science and Research”

Fakten und Fassaden. Gleichstellungspolitiken und Geschlechterwissen in Wissenschaft und Forschung

This conference was organized on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of CEWS. Day one of the conference celebrated 10 years of successful work by CEWS and offered a review of past activities while providing a look at what lies ahead in the future. Experts in a panel discussion on gender equality at German higher education institutions critically balanced the past years of gender equality politics in higher education and research: Facts or façades? What tangible progress has been achieved? And where has there been just talk? Day two of the conference was dedicated to a scientific discussion about the interactions between gender knowledge and gender equality politics in science and research.


Berlin 2009, conference “Women for the Strengthening of Science and Research”

Frauen für die Stärkung von Wissenschaft und Forschung

The goal of the event was to reflect on and evaluate the developments in German gender equality politics in science and research organizations over the last five years and to outline desiderata and fields for future action and research.


Vilnius 2008, annual conference of the European Platform of Women Scientists “Women Shaping Science”

Conference objectives focused on looking at the current situation and environment women scientists work in and on investigating possibilities for narrowing the gap between the numbers of women and the numbers of men in higher positions in science and research as well as in business. Particular attention was paid to the development and support of networks of women scientists in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the Baltic States. The conference was organized by CEWS within the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission project PLATWOMSCI in collaboration with BASNET, the Baltic States Network: Women in Science and High Technology.


Berlin 2007, conference “Gender Issues in Research – Innovation through Equality of Opportunity”

Gender in der Forschung – Innovation durch Chancengleichheit

Anchored in the framework of both the 2007 German EU presidency and the European Year of Equal Opportunities, the conference was intended to feature the current initiatives of the German research policy institutions for increasing the proportion of women in decision-making positions as well as to promote the innovation potential of gender aspects in scientific content and to raise policy decision makers' consciousness about this topic.


Berlin 2003, international conference “Women in Industrial Research – Speeding up Changes in Europe”

Based on the WIR-report and the WIR-study, executive representatives from industry, research and politics discussed the urgent need for businesses to improve gender diversity in European research. The conference was co-organized by CEWS.


Hanover 2003, congress “HWP-Special Program Equal Opportunity for Women in Research and Teaching – Balance and Perspectives”

HWP-Fachprogramm Chancengleichheit für Frauen in Forschung und Lehre – Bilanz und Aussichten

The congress took an interim look at the state of special programs to make attained goals visible and develop further action perspectives for gender equality measures. 


Bonn 2001, congress “Promoting Women in Science and Research - Outmoded Approach or Visionary Policy?”

Frauenförderung in Wissenschaft und Forschung – überholter Ansatz oder zukunftsweisende Politik?

The congress addressed those involved in gender equality policy in non-university research institutions and universities. Participants discussed the action-guiding principle of gender mainstreaming as a topdown strategy for equal opportunity policy in science and research as well.