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Center of Excellence Women and Science

CEWS Target Groups

The target groups of CEWS' services have broadened over the course of the center's development since 2000. These target groups benefit in various ways from the synergetic effects of CEWS’ main spheres of activity on gender politics and gender equality measures, gender inequalities in academia, advocacy and networking, services as well as statistics and monitoring.

CEWS offers gender experts and women scientists current, research-based and user-friendly information, networking and career development aids and services such as databases and literature searches or synopsis preparation of science-relevant equality law.

CEWS supports researchers from higher education, STS research as well as gender studies in German-speaking countries by offering online tools for improving the visibility of women scientists in all disciplines, databases as well as CEWS publications and research reviews.

Universities and research institutes are the focus of manifold usage possibilities of organization-related offers such as university rankings according to equality aspects or the TOTAL E-QUALITY advisory service.

Scientific organizations can benefit from CEWS' expertise, e.g. on causes for gender inequalities and the marginalization of specific groups of people in academia.

Political committees expect science-based policy and strategy consultation as well as impulses for public debates.

The media utilizes CEWS' comprehensive information offering to support current, up-to-date reporting.