Center of Excellence Women and Science

Target Group: Researchers

CEWS supports researchers from the social sciences, in particular from higher education and science research as well as gender studies, in German-speaking countries in two ways: Firstly, CEWS provides information for researching and archiving research data on gender equality in science and research. Secondly, the CEWS databases (statistics, literature, gender equality law, etc.) as well as its own publications support the work of academics.

Literature database, CEWS publications and news

CEWS provides research opportunities in Lit@CEWS, the literature databases on gender studies with a focus on gender equality in science and research. In addition, CEWS has its own publications and offers information on scientific conferences including Call for Papers in its News section, both from German-speaking countries and internationally. In addition, the CEWSjournal regularly provides information on research results and new publications.

Research Projects on Women in Science and Research at CEWSwiki

With CEWSwiki, CEWS has created the first information system for research projects in the field of "Women in Science and Research" from German-speaking countries. CEWSwiki makes all research projects accessible, the MediaWiki software offers the opportunity to self-report and edit these projects.