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Center of Excellence Women and Science

CEWS is the Center of Excellence Women in Science at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. It is the national hub for the realization of gender equality in science and research in Germany. CEWS supports evidence-based gender equality policies in science and research as well as researchers in the social sciences.

Data And Information

Researchers and practitioners can choose from different focal points here:

Search And Consulting

CEWS is a bridge between research on gender relations in academia, gender equality policy practice at universities and research institutions as well as gender equality policy at federal, state, and EU levels.

CEWS acts as a link with its search tools, its various evaluations, its political consulting as well as its networking initiatives.


Here you will find a complete list and a brief description of each project, divided into completed and ongoing projects.

Selected current projects:

CEWS Publications

CEWS offers scientific publications on gender equality in higher eduaction to specific target groups and the public.

Our current publication offers (in German) are:

News And Events

On here, we present current activities from CEWS. We also inform about our CEWS colloquium as part of the GESIS Lecture Series.

On our German site, we also compile external events in a calendar, call for papers and job offers in the field of gender equality and women's and gender studies.