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Center of Excellence Women and Science

CEWS Publications

CEWS offers a broad range of scientific publications on gender equality in higher eduaction to specific target groups and the public. All publications are in German.

The publications of CEWS' staff members are listed in the respective profiles on the GESIS staff page and in the literature database Lit@CEWS.


The e-publication CEWSjournal with edited content from science and research is published 4 times a year.


The series CEWSpublik contains in particular research and project results, the CEWS university ranking as well as special evaluations for the GWK (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz / Joint Science Conference).


The series cews.Beiträge uses scientific research findings as a basis for identifying new solutions for achieving gender equality in higher education.

Other publications

Special evaluations, gender-specific data on the composition of university councils, etc.