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Data And Information On Gender Monitoring

This page provides information on gender monitoring. "Introduction and Definitions" deals theoretically with gender monitoring at universities and research organizations. The section "Gender monitoring in practice" discuss the challenges of the current practice of gender monitoring. The aim is to highlight the tension between theoretical requirements and practical implementation of gender monitoring and develop comprehensive and multidimensional recommendations for gender monitoring at one’s institution. In addition, the page provides access to statistical data on gender relations in academia and information on gender equality and higher education rankings, notably, the CEWS ranking of higher education institutions by gender aspects.

Introduction And Definitions

  • Monitoring
  • Gender Monitoring
  • Indicators
  • Intersectionality
  • Gender Diversity

Gender Equality Data

  • Gender Equality Data And Its Collection
  • Access To Statistical Data On Gender Relations In Academia (Germany + international)

Gender Monitoring In Practice

  • Gender Monitoring At Higher Education Institutions
  • Handbooks And Practical Examples
  • Selected Indicators

Higher Education Rankings And Gender Equality

  • CEWS Ranking Of Higher Education Institutions By Gender Aspects
  • Global And National Higher Education Rankings
  • Rankings With Gender Equality Indicators