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Center of Excellence Women and Science

Research Areas

CEWS provides structured information on specific topics regarding gender equality in academia. This thematic access includes, on the one hand, a tailored search in the form of literature, links and/or videos. In addition, you will find links to external as well as to CEWS’ own services.

What is known about gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education? The topical page provides an overview of international research literature, survey studies, resources on prevention and interventions, and points to position papers and guidelines for higher education institutions.

Gender bias refers to systematic distortion effects that are characterized by gender-related stereotyping and prejudices and influence both perceptions and decisions. Find out about studies, video material and approaches to reducing gender bias in academia and research.

What makes scientific institutions such as universities and non-university research institutions family-friendly? What is the best way to reconcile studying or working on campus with starting a family or fulfilling family responsibilities?