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Gender-Based And Sexualized Violence In Higher Education

Our page gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education gives an overview of the topic drawing from international research literature, survey studies, resources, and training materials. It refers to position papers and guidelines for higher education institutions and provides information on the legal background of the situation in Germany. Most of the references used, e.g. texts, studies, and other materials are available in English. The compilation follows a feminist understanding of gender-based and sexualized violence, which includes non-physical acts of violence, for example sexist hate speech on the Internet.

The collected materials may prove helpful to leadership staff and gender equality officers from scientific institutions who engage in evidence based development of policies, as well as researchers from the social sciences and other sciences with interest in the topic.

Survivors and persons directly affected by gender-based, sexualized violence or sexual harassment should contact the ombudsperson or on-site centers of their university or research institution, call the national counseling helpline – or turn to the local police station.


Terms, definitions and explanations of classifications of gender-based and sexualized acts of violence

Research Overview

Studies on gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education, prevalence, evaluations of interventions, effects of gender-based and sexualized violence

Survey Studies

Surveys in universities, questionnaires, data reports and methodological reports

Tools And Resources For Prevention And Intervention

Compilation of resources, including trainings and online tools for different groups in higher education

Guidelines, Standard Procedures And Position Papers

Guidelines of higher education institutions and stakeholder groups


Legal Situation In Germany

Information on criminal, labor and higher education law