Research Data On Gender Relations In Academia

Other data-providing institutions

Research data on higher education and science studies that are collected in higher education, science and education research and can be used for studies with a gender perspective can be found at the following institutions.

The DZHW is currently setting up a research data center through which quantitative and qualitative surveys of the institute will be made available.

  • Topic: Research data for higher education and science research
  • Type & scope of research data: Quantitative and qualitative research data
  • Studies: Graduate, Student and PhD Panel & Social Survey
  • Basic information: Page in German and English, page under construction
  • (no English website available)
  • Using 32 indicators, the data portal provides an overview of doctoral conditions and the situation of doctoral students. The database is based on the responses of more than 20,000 doctoral students at 53 German universities entitled to award doctorates who took part in the first doctoral student survey of the panel study in spring 2019.
  • The data portal offers the possibility of displaying the distributions of indicators and KPIs as a whole or differentiated according to a maximum of one of the six differentiating characteristics (gender, subject, migration background, educational background, program membership or parenthood).
  • (no English website available)
  • Topics: Research data of educational research (especially student competence)
  • Type & scope of research data: Mainly qualitative research data
  • Basic information: Data access only with registration