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Center of Excellence Women and Science


CEWS is a bridge between research on gender relations in academia, gender equality policy practice at universities and research institutions, and gender equality policy at federal, state, and EU levels. CEWS acts as a link between researchers, practitioners and policymakers with its digital services, its various evaluations, its political consulting, its networking initiatives as well as its publications.


CEWS conducts evaluations of gender equality policies, programs and measures of research performing organizations.

Digital Services

Here you will find curated data and resources such as statistics, research data, the database on equality law, etc.

Consulting And Networking

CEWS consults individuals, committees and organizations in academia and politics.

Dialogue Between Research And Practice

CEWS creates interactive spaces for exchanges between research and practice.


CEWS generates, processes and shares knowledge in a scientifically sound and up-to-date range of publications: CEWSjournal, the publication series and cews.publik among others.