Center of Excellence Women and Science

Consulting And Networking

With its services, in particular expert reports and consulting, CEWS supports universities, research institutions, scientific organizations, researchers, political bodies and institutions on national, European and international levels in the development of evidence-based policies regarding gender equality and higher education. CEWS’ consulting activities are based on current empirical findings from the social sciences, higher education and science research, gender studies, as well as empirical knowledge on gender equality policy. In its consulting activities, CEWS combines gender theoretical and social scientific concepts with the application needs of higher education policy and gender equality policy for the realization of gender equality in academia.

The range of consulting services is multifaceted and includes consulting for individual organizations and stakeholders, expert activities, and political consulting. Examples from this field of activity are expert and strategic consulting for

  • scientific organizations including research funding agencies, such as universities, research institutions, the German Research Foundation, the German Council of Science and Humanities, and the European Commission
  • equal opportunities officers and associations of experts, also with regard to legal aspects
  • research projects and associations, as well as advisory board activities in committees and projects.

CEWS staff members participate especially in European and international expert committees. CEWS’ political consulting is addressed at political committees and party-affiliated institutions, such as foundations, trade unions, state and federal policy committees and other policy stakeholders in academia.

In addition, CEWS regularly contributes to convening different stakeholders such as gender agents, equal opportunities officers, researchers and policymakers.

For further information on special consulting formats such as institutional evaluations or consulting for the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for universities and research institutions, please refer to the links provided.