Evaluation of the experimentation clause of section 6a of the Equal Opportunities Act in North Rhine-Westphalia

Project duration: 01.04.2024 – 13.12.2024

Project lead: Syspons; Substitute: Dr. Nina Steinweg (CEWS)

Project team: Sophia Häuser (CEWS)


Project description:

On behalf of the Ministry for Children, Youth, Family, Equality, Refugees and Integration of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Syspons is evaluating the experimentation clause in accordance with section 6a LGG. As a partner of Syspons, CEWS is conducting document and database analyses as well as interviews, in particular with those responsible at the participating universities. In addition, experts from state and nationwide networks of gender equality work will be interviewed to gain a deeper insight into the reception of the experimentation clause among gender equality officers in the state.

As contextual data for the evaluation, an analysis of the federal state regulations on the advancement of women and gender equality plans will be carried out. CEWS has access to a database where it has been archiving changes in state equality and higher education laws for around three years.

The aim of the evaluation is to analyze the implementation of the experimentation clause in eight administrative departments in terms of its achievement of objectives, to develop a basis for decision-making for a possible permanent standardization of the use of alternative instruments, to identify potential for improvement in the implementation and monitoring of the instrument and to derive cross-departmental potential for strengthening gender equality in the state administration.