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Center of Excellence Women and Science


A Study on Databases of Women Scientists

Project duration: 01.04.2004 - 31.01.2005

Research team: Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch, Almuthe Schlüter

Databases with information on women scientists are an excellent tool for significantly increasing the proportion of women in high level positions in science and research. In the project "A study on databases of women scientists – DATAWOMSCI", a consortium of six partners from five countries reviewed and evaluated the databases on women scientists currently available.

DATAWOMSCI was coordinated by CEWS and funded by the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission.

The project yielded the following:

  • an overview of the databases on women scientists currently available and networks of women scientists in Europe;
  • a good practice guideline for developing new, and updating extant databases on women scientists, and
  • a feasibility study on the possibilities for future uses of databases on women scientists, focusing, in particular, on improved domestic and international accessibility.


  1. Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS, University of Bonn, Germany
  2. DIMEB (Digitale Medien in der Bildung), University of Bremen, Germany
  3. KILDEN Information and Documentation Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research in Norway, Oslo, Norway
  4. National Contact Centre – Women and Science (NCC-WS), Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
  5. Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques (OST), Paris, France
  6. School of Business and Social Science, Roehampton University, London, Great Britain

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Center of Excellence Women in Science CEWS (2005): Databases of Women Scientists – Overview, Best Practice Guideline and Future Perspectives, Bonn, PDF (2,98 MB)