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Center of Excellence Women and Science

PLATWOMSCI – European Platform of Women Scientists

Project duration: 01.02.2005 - 31.10.2008

Project lead: Jutta Dalhoff, Isabel Kassel, Dr. Anke Lipinsky

A central organization structure came into being through the start of the EU project PLATWOMSCI in 2005 for which CEWS was solely responsible. Emanating from Brussels, this supports women scientists in the sense of "Networking the Networks" through the work of numerous regional, national and international networks and simultaneously merges into the work for creating gender equality in the European Commission science policy.

This created a structural connection between women scientists and responsible parties involved in European research policy. Acting as an umbrella organization, the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) offers democratic representation of members networks and gives the concerns, needs and interests of women scientists a voice in Europe.

In the sense of a comprehensive, democratic and politically active non-profit organization, EPWS entered the dialogue with political decision makers for women scientists with democratic legitimacy and transparent decision structures, accompanied and coordinated support measures for women scientists at the European level and brought knowledge and implementing dimensions of gender in science forward, which includes the visibility of work by women scientists.

The underlying goal was to delineate the possibilities for women scientists to influence the European political debate and to make these possibilities for shaping this debate comprehensively useable. Clarifying the dimensions of gender in science and research was one more goal of the EPWS which speaks for women scientists working in all specialties.

EPWS supports women scientists by establishing formal networks and facilitating international as well as interdisciplinary contacts.


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