Women in Construction Scientific Research

Project duration: 01.04.2006 - 31.12.2008

Research team: Jutta Dalhoff, Kathrin Samjeske, Julia Strupp, Anja Tibes

The EU funded research project "Women in Construction Scientific Research WomenCore" was aimed at strengthening participation by women scientists in different fields of construction research. On the basis of the project's own data (generated by qualitative and quantitative research, and through secondary analysis of existing data), the professional situation of women scientists in construction sciences was analyzed and reasons for their under-representation were specified. The investigation took a look at barriers faced by women in their professional careers while also identifying fields of research highly attractive to women. Based on the project’s results, recommendations for future measures empowering women and supporting their careers in construction research were provided and a European network of women scientists in construction research was then established.

The project was carried out by five organizations coming from Spain, Denmark, the UK, the Czech Republic, with Labein Tecnalia (ES) acting as the coordinator and CEWS as the German representative in the consortium.


Labein Tecnalia (ES), Fundacio Cirem (ES), GESIS (CEWS, DE), Loughborough University (UK, Czech Technical University Prague (CZ), The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (DK)

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