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Center of Excellence Women and Science

Dialogue Between Research And Practice

CEWS creates interactive spaces thus enabling an exchange between gender research and gender equality practice at academic organizations. This facilitates the transfer of expert knowledge from practice into research and vice versa the transfer of scholarly knowledge into practice of gender equality officers and gender equality practitioners. This exchange intends to generate new perspectives and research questions as well as innovative measures to enhance gender equality in academia.

CEWS offers interactive formats of dialogue – both digital and offline:

  • workshops, e.g. during the KEG – the Conference of Women’s and Gender Studies Institution in the German-speaking areas or with gender equality officers on appointment procedures
  • equality labs (meetings of equality experts, officers and gender researchers in order to (further) develop standards, exchange ideas and network)
  • expert discussions such as the CEWS colloquium as part of the GESIS Lecture Series
  • moderation of panel discussions and workshops.